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Friday, November 11, 2011

Tree Painting Love

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I love to paint and I sell or gift most of my paintings. I've never had a lesson but instructional books and the internet have given me ALOT of pointers.

I was browsing through my Picasa albums and noticed how trees have dominated my work. Something about their silhouettes and curvy symmetry speaks to me. And, I love rich, rich color. Especially blue :o)

I sold this painting at an Art event last summer. The customer says it was perfect for her little boy's bedroom. She didn't have enough cash so we traded part of the cost out in goods from her own booth. We were both happy.

This is one painting I've put in my living room above my couch, which is chocolate brown. It really brings out the accent colors in the room, which are red and blue. I love painting all the tendrils and branches.

This is my design for a nice family tree. Once ordered, each bird "tweets" the family names in a curvy script. So cute and a wonderful anniversary or reunion gift, and it is one of my most favorited things in my Etsy shop.

A Christmas painting for my supremely talented sister with the Awesome Voice. Awesome, I tell you! Check her out on You Tube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yxil3JqI_b4. She sings with the Southern Oregon Jazz Orchestra, among others. Awesome voice, did I mention?

Here is a commissioned tree for a family with 19 kids, including three sets of twins. What a challenge to incorporate all of the birthstone colors into this tree.

This summer I recuperated from breast cancer surgery, chemo and radiation. Using a paint brush was beyond me for a while but then I discovered paint pens and smooth river rocks at our vacation house and voila! Trees on rocks!

One early version of the family tree piece. It didn't make it to the finish line but I really like that heart in the tree, so I've used it several times since then. I did have a good time painting all those little branches and twigs!

Another tree design I've dinked with a time or two. I've adapted this one for Halloween and used it several times. Kind of ominous, don't you think?

Another family tree painting, showing acorns and stylized leaves. Family names can be shown as curvy script by each acorn.

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Possibly my best seller, this Witch in the Wood design incorporates a spooky tree hung with lots of jack o' lanterns. I've painted this one several times, and those curly, twining branches are always fun to paint.

In the privacy of my own studio I can paint what I want and decide what works. If you've never tried painting you don't know if you'd like it or know that you might have hidden talent.

By far my most ambitious painting yet, and I did it from a Jerry Yarnell How To Book! The step by step instructions were excellent. With acrylic you can paint over your mistakes til you get it right. I gifted this one to my sister, Nancy, in 2008. Time to paint another one, I think.

Think you can't paint? Try it out. Find your style. Paint what you love. You might find that you like it!

And look what happens...I received a sweet comment from Lyndsey saying my paintings inspired her to paint a tree as a Christmas gift for her mother, and here it is.....

So pretty and well done! Here's a link to her blog post.....

Please stop by and check out her blog, this is a clever, clever woman. Thanks, Lyndsey, you rock!


  1. I really do love your tree paintings. So much in fact that last year I painted one for my mom for Christmas that was inspired by your work. You can see it here: http://abacktobasicslifestyle.blogspot.com/2010/11/family-tree.html Thanks for showing us some more recent paintings, I love them! ~Lyndsey

  2. wow you are talented! These are gorgeous! I love the bold colors and curvy trees. Stopping by from Turqoise Link Party :)

  3. You know, it's funny. I paint, draw, write, and do photography but I've never thought about putting them on my blog. I'm not sure why not. I think I'd just assumed people would only want to see the craft stuff I've done and for some reason I didn't associate my paintings and such with crafts.

    How silly of me. Thank you very much for inspiring me to post my other art forms to my blog as well. After all, at the end of the day, these blogs are about us sharing our love of all kinds of arts and about having fun. Thank you. You just opened my eyes a little. :)


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