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Friday, March 18, 2016

Cobalt Blue Glass in a Sunny Kitchen Window

The Welding Man made me this pretty baker's rack over 15 years ago and I placed it
 in a big window loaded up with my blue glass.

Loved it!

When we moved to our retirement house there was not a window just right 
for the baker's rack. So I decorate it seasonally. 

On Pinterest the photo of my rack with blue glass in the window keeps popping up all over and reminding me how gorgeous it was, so I asked The Welding Man for some shelves to 
display my blue glass again. 

He built shelves in the west facing window at the end of our kitchen. He used cedar boards with old yard sticks for the molding on the front of each shelf.

Now that end of our kitchen and especially that window are just aglow with beautiful 
cobalt blue color. I added a few green bottles also.

Loving it!

I have not bought any new cobalt blue pieces for years but now I'm going to start keeping my eye out for new glassware.  Thrift stores, church sales, estate auctions and yard sales here I come!

At least for me, everything old is certainly new again.

This was a fast, easy and inexpensive project that is paying us dividends 
in pleasure and beauty.

That's a win win in my book!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Low Low Under $100 Budget Master Bath Redo


I love before and afters of beautiful bathrooms and kitchens but folks, please.
Your $10,000 remodel of one room is not low budget. 
It is a project with a $10,000 price tag.
 Yes, I know you replaced all the fixtures and
 moved the tub and tiled everything. It is beautiful. 

it is all a matter of perspective and I know the internet needs 
some projects that are truly way down in price.

Forthwith, I give you the low low budget cosmetic bathroom redo/refresh/upstyle for under $100.

Here is the AFTER.

This bathroom in our old mobile home needed some serious help.

Below is the before showing the new wall medicine cabinet built by
The Welding Man and the existing vanity.

The vanity, shower, flooring and commode were still serviceable, but the whole room needed an update.


I used the ivy stencil everywhere in that house. Kitchen. Hallway. Bathrooms. 
The mixed mirrors decor just wasn't cutting it anymore.

And below is the old medicine cabinet. Yowza, what a beast!

But hey, is that a cheap $3 golden oak light fixture? That's a good start!

Here's the new room, four days and less than $100 later.

Loving it!

Step by step, here's what we did and spent-

$16 vanilla white semi gloss latex bathroom paint for walls and ceiling. Just do it.
$10 chocolate brown semi gloss latex paint for the vanity and all the woodwork, including the light.
$4 for two pine boards that we used for the mirror shelf and the high wall shelf.
$2 for metal shelf brackets.
$8 plate glass mirror from a contractor friend. Four foot by two foot.Total score!  
$10 bulls eye corner trim and flat boards to frame mirror.  Four foot by two foot.Total score! 
$8 light bulbs
$4 gloss brown spray paint

Total cash outlaid was about $62.

Everything else we used was from our stash. Including the raspberry colored towels which were still in perfect shape and didn't need replaced. And the textured wallpaper on the door of the medicine cabinet and the tall vase holding drieds on the mirror shelf. Here's a link to the story behind that vase.

Below is another view of that wallpaper covered vase and
 the bulls eye corner blocks and framing around the mirror.

After all the painting was done and the shelving in place, it was fun to shop the house for all kinds of decor and knick knacks and baskets and art and STUFF. Glossy brown spray paint pulled it all together. 

Man, I LOVED the new look of that bathroom!

This is what I like...a project that comes together on a low budget
 with creative thinking and some clever restyles.

You know, until I can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a room project!

My next bathroom redo is in the works...with a vintage
 vacation/driftwood vibe and loads of fun details.
On a budget, of course!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Twig Wreath Redo for Spring

I'm a bit of a wreath fanatic. There, I've said it.

When I found this twig wreath for $2 at a yard sale I knew it's 24" size 
was perfect for my front door. It came with bits of dried eucalyptus branches and fake roses and I kept them in place.

So first, I spray painted it glossy black and added Dollar Store leaves and flowers for fall and Halloween.

See the black roses and dried eucalyptus? 

Then for winter/Christmas I spray painted it gloss white and added lots of glossy turquoise. 
I am always on the look out for more turquoise bits and bobs 
plus glittery snowflakes and Christmas bulbs.

And there are the eucalyptus and roses painted bright white.

And now for spring, the white wreath is ready to shine in beautiful shades of green. Courtesy of the Dollar Store, thrift stores and yard sales, of course.

This time the white roses are under the ferns and butterflies.

Here are some of my finds during the year. I used some for this wreath. 
I have a list of things I am always looking for.

When I couldn't find green curlicues I just painted some curled wire. I do believe in making things I need/want and then making things work without spending loads of money.

Ooh aaah!

This year I've even turned it over and tried it out on this octagon window.
I removed the nest and added more butterflies and a wind chime. 
I painted the wind chime butterfly as a Monarch for a pop of color. 

What do you think? Should I add a wreath on the door, too? 

Can I ever have too many wreaths? Lol.

What are you doing for your spring decor? 

Turquoise Chalk Paint Coffee Table

Here's the short story....
I painted this mid 70's "Mediterannean style" coffee table with turquoise DIY chalk paint.

And here's the longer story....

Back in '82 we had a TOTAL LOSS house fire. 
We refurnished our home with auction finds like this very heavy, 
very BROWN, very well built coffee table.

Three full grown adults can STAND on this coffee table.
Four teen age girls can DANCE on this table.
Five toddlers can race their Hot Wheels round and round this table.

We paid $7 for it 34 years ago.

About ten years ago I repainted the top in a fun pattern that added all my living room colors.

Brown, turquoise gold, red...you get the picture.

Yeah, I'm kind of a color junkie.

Then I did THIS...

using a DIY chalk paint recipe.

I topped it off with brushed on, wiped off Minwax Polyshades in Olde Maple.

Chalk paint recipes are EVERYWHERE online. I used this really simple one.

1 cup latex paint
1/2 c baking soda
3 TBSP water

I masked the top with regular masking tape. It did a fine job on all the edges.
This chalk paint recipe adhered REALLY well. It was a little bit gritty but I wanted that effect. Be aware of this if you use the baking soda chalk paint recipe!

I couldn't find my sanding block, and even though the hardware store is less than a mile away, I used this to sand the edges....

Don't tell me you've never done something like that.

Here is the door with just chalk paint and with the Minwax stain. 

The door is molded plastic. The chalk paint worked great. 
The Minwax was a bit messy but I fussed with it until it looked like this.
And below is how she looks now.

I LOVE the way this came out!

Again, the before and after.

 The chalk paint adhered very well and the Polyshades gave her just the right worn out vintage aura.

Because, folks, even tho she's pretty, we don't treat her very well. Lol!

This table is the Official Grandbaby Play Platform Put Your Feet Up And Set a Spell Stand On Top To Sing Karaoke And Dance to Uptown Funk Table!!

They don't make coffee tables this sturdy anymore. 

So, here's the cost breakdown....

Turquoise Apple Barrel Paint      $2.50
Olde Maple Minwax Polyshades  $7.00

Total...less than $10.00.

I already had paint brushes, cleaning rags, baking soda, assorted brushes and of course, an emery board, in my stash.

This took me less than 3 hours to paint then overnight for the paint to dry.
I brushed then wiped off the Minwax the next morning. I used half a dozen rags during this part.

The stain was dry by late afternoon and she was back in service that evening for a family dinner.

Cheap, pretty quick and an outstanding result.
I call that a win win!