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Friday, May 4, 2018

DIY Butterfly Wind Chime Dollar Store Crafts

For Mother's Day this year I went shopping for a wind chime for my mom's deck. 
Guess what, you guys? Nice wind chimes can be expensive if 
you want one in a larger size or theme!

Off I went to the Dollar Store. 
I knew there had to be something there I could use to MAKE a pretty 
wind chime that wouldn't break my budget. I bought...

five filigree metal butterflies with colored marble accents. 
The pretty colors seem to be powder coated 
and they are brushed with a coppery paint finish. 

A small silvery wind chime with purple plastic gems with a light tinkling sound.

A hanging planter basket so that I could use the light weight chains.
The hanging planter had 36" of chain, just the amount I needed!

 I grabbed a few things from my stash I thought would be useful but 
in the end didn't use much more than what I'd bought. 
I used some recycled wind chime parts and
 lightweight split rings in the end. 
Easy peasy!

The ring at the top is salvaged from an old metal planter 
and is far heavier than the rest of the components put together. 
It will last for years!

It is 30" long from top to bottom.
Oooh aaah!

Originally I added way more embellishments in the way of beads and 
bangles but it was way too confusing to the eye. So busy.

At least in this case, less is more. 
I dry brushed some copper Patio Paint over all the dark metal areas and it looks great.
                              I could not be happier with the way this wind chime turned out!

This special project for my mom cost less than $10 and a couple of hours of my time, most of that spent hanging things on and taking them off til I was finished. 

The tools I used were a pair of needle nose pliers and a pair of wire cutters. 

Next, I'm thinking of making some driftwood themed wind chimes using 
the bamboo wind chimes from...The Dollar Store!
Stay tuned for that blog post!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Making Memories...and Heirlooms. Wedding Fabric to Baby Easter Basket

My granddaughter's wedding back in 2014 was a wonderful BoHo theme 
and 90% handmade, starting with this 3 door backdrop 
and those huge gorgeous flowers. 
(I'll put links at the bottom for those projects.)

I also grew the flowers in the urns for this pretty display.

We made the navy blue table runners out of sheets then had a blast
 arranging all the decor items for the tables...

After the wedding I latched on to all the blue table runners. 
I knew I would be using all that fabric again, starting with this sweet project.

This year I made a liner for an Easter basket using that blue fabric.

It looks great with an arrangement of her wedding flowers!

But THIS is what the project is really about. A personalized Easter basket 
for their son, my great grandson, born in 2017. This year was his first Easter
 and the wedding fabric was perfect for this project.

Insanely Creative Christy, his grandma, made these iron on letters with her
 Silhouette vinyl cutter. It came out great!

We love the sweet memories that come with this project and 
look forward to making more heirlooms for this wonderful little boy
 with his parents wedding fabric.

So sweet! And the best thing is, I still have the blue fabric runners from the other 15 tables!

Here is the link for making the huge flowers....

...and for the three door backdrop....

Friday, April 6, 2018

Love My Penny Island Project!

Way back when, we turned two of our old nightstands into this wonderfully useful kitchen island. 
It is still one of my favorite projects for our home!
Here is a link to that project....

Originally I used old cook book pages on top in the same hue as the floor and sealed them with
 a single coat of "bar top" resin. It looked great and held up for several years
 BUT we should have sealed it with more resin. 
The edges started to peel and we knew it was time to replace it.

And here's what we did....

Yup, we put a penny top on our kitchen island and it came out 

We like it!
We like it ALOT!

Oooh aaaah!

Here's a before and after. What a pretty solution!

I did NOT want to buy pennies so I scrounged up all our stashed pennies and saved
even more for months. Then I chose to clean and polish them using Brasso.

While watching "The West Wing" on Netflix.

It took about 12 hours total so do this part of the job. Would I do it again? 
Would I buy at least a few rolls of new pennies for my next project? 
YES. Lesson learned.

We had the boards in our stash, so I stained them using Minwax Polyshades in Maple. 
It is a stain and sealer in one. It was also in our stash.
I scuffed up the old cookbook top with sandpaper then painted it with flat black craft paint.
It makes the coins really pop against that dark background.
We did not glue the pennies down and we did not put them in any pattern.

Envirotex Lite is an improvement on the original formula we used over 5 years ago. 
It isn't smelly, it sets up fast and looks fantastic when you're done.
 I used a 50% off coupon and got it for less than $20.
Win win!

The light coming through our skylight during the day really brings 
out the many different hues of the coins.  As the light changes, the metallic colors change.
We love it!

                       THIS time we used triple the amount of resin to give a deep and shiny finish.
It's been a couple of weeks and I'm still being careful setting heavy containers on top.
And we will ALWAYS use trivets and pads for anything hot. 
It is just good sense.

And when the sun goes down and hits those shiny pennies the light is just dazzling!

We are very pleased with the way this project came out. The most time consuming 
part was polishing pennies. Would we do it again? 
I'm thinking.....backsplash!

There are so very many penny projects online that I did not go into alot of detail here. If you want to tackle this project I say do your research, gather your supplies and GO! 
Even if you bought everything at full price and new, this is not an expensive project.
Try it!