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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What do you do with lotsa chunksa rocks?

We were lucky enough to get a nice load of Oregon shale rock when the highway crew was working on our road, and my husband and brother built us several stacked rock flowerbeds with the biggest and best pieces. Love my rock walls with the ivy tumbling over, and the lavender drooping down and all my summer flowers blooming happily! And the mix of the rock walls and hubby's roses in the summertime is gorgeous. But I digress....

But we had lots of little chunksa shale left over which we've used in various projects. Shale fractures so cleanly that the chunks always have at least one straight side so I knew they were perfect for doing something with, I wasn't sure what, until.....the Monarch butterflies came to call on their annual flight and a few lit on the walls. Just beautiful!

I knew I had to try to capture that image and so my painted butterflies on rocks were born. (I'm trying to think of another, catchier title to these pretty bits of rock art but I got nothin'. Suggestions?)

And so.... Voila!

And not "Viola!" which conjures up an image of a precocious little girl brandishing a stringed instrument called a, you guessed it, viola. I will HAVE to draw her one of these days and use her as punctuation, lol! But again, I digress....

Ack! Not a Monarch in the bunch! That's cuz my mom saw it and wanted it and took it before I could take pics! Hey, it was MOM. You don't say no to Mom.

I did cheat and get a calendar with beautiful HUGE butterfly pics to help me with the details because, Lord he'p me, I get tangled up in the details. I'm a self taught artist/painter and don't know all that technical art stuff, so I do the best I can. The acrylic sealer I use brings just the right shine to them and keeps the colors bright.

But aren't these the prettiest little recycled rock art painted butterflies? I've got them on my windowsills and in the cheese cloche turned display stand and on my desk.....you get the picture. They cheer me up.

I love the contrast between the delicate butterflies and the solid rock, kind of like a big manly man holding a little baby. All together now, "Awwww."

So looks like painting another Monarch butterfly is in my future....as is painting the totally gorgeous Blue Morpho which is black and cobalt blue and a beautiful beautiful creature.

So I've added them to my Etsy shop but in the meantime, I'm lovin' havin' them around. While the snow flies (I kid you not) and the wind blows, they are the brightest bit of Spring I have right now!


  1. Love these! I still have mine!

  2. i'm the proud owner of a dragonfly stone, loves it :O)

  3. These painted rocks are amazing! Just beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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  5. Yes, they are, and I love them!

  6. Are you able to keep these rocks outside? Did you modge podge them on before you put the poly on them? I thought to ask these questions after I posted earlier today!

  7. Ann, these are beautiful and full of life-like detail! I am enjoying your blog, wish I had found it earlier. I am signing on as your newest follower!
    Thanks for all the inspirations!


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