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Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's new this week.

I know some bloggers just hate it when any mention is made of Etsy, or Ebay, or selling of any kind, but hey, it's part of what I do and I'm sharing it with you all! Lots of pics, maybe you'll see something that will make you smile. Take a look and enjoy some window shopping! There's a link to my shop in the sidebar. ;0)

Yes, I'm still putting rosettes one anything that sits still! Tote bags are just so useful and so fun to "fancy up." I can't help myself. Maybe I have a problem? ;0) This one also has a pocket trimmed with ruffles and more rosettes.

I've listed some fun Halloween stuff so far! I LOVE orange and black and this time of year. The wonderful ideas in blogland are sparking my own creativity.

Here's a crocheted garland with Halloween flair in a single ten foot length. I've doubled it up in the pic. It has colorful discs every two inches, over 60 in total of a dozen different prints. Fun and cool for your holiday house.

More rosettes! But they're pretty ones, I promise! I made one of these to wear with a black turtleneck and got so many compliments I knew I had to make some for my shop. Come on, wouldn't this make you smile? I know it makes kids smile. Wouldn't a grade school teacher wearing this be the toast of the playground? The glittery pumpkin button inspired this one.

My first paper mache witch of 2010, with a sweet smile and very cool little details. For the collectors out there, I hope the vintage style charm of this little doll is just right for their collection. And I carved that tiny 1" pumpkin's Jack o' lantern smile with an X-acto knife, I have to get points for that!

This is the last peg rack I'll be painting this year, it turned out pretty cute and looks like a vintage piece. Love it's burgundy, burnt orange, rusty tones. With some fake cobwebs and bats and maybe a spider or two, this would look cool in that empty spot that never gets any Halloween decor lovin'.

And my LAST painted sign for this year's Halloween listings. Not too creepy, not too cute, with a vintage style mustard color and major distressing. Hand painted, not a vinyl decal and no, not stencilled. I always hand letter and hand paint each sign.

Yes, more rosettes! Sigh. But I love the way these necklaces come out, and the silver nest and pewter colored eggs just really set off the orange and black satin. BUT, wouldn't this look gorgeous with a black camisole under a short denim jacket with some skinny jeans and some sexy sexy boots? Come on ladies, this necklace would ROCK that outfit!

Man, maybe I'll keep it, lol!


  1. Feel free to mention away, I have a blog and an online store and I mention it from time to time. I am sure people don't want it every time, but I do it once in a while. That teacher necklace is just darling!!


  2. Well, count me out of those offended people, because I think your items are great, and we all gotta make a living! I have never felt like you were trying to sell to me, but that you maki it my option to buy from you. I love all of your new stuff, that witch, BEAUTITUL!!!

  3. I really like those Halloween necklaces! They are the best I've seen. And that witch, she's fabulous too! Great job!

  4. Gorgeous stuff! That necklace is A.MAZ.ING! For reals!

  5. I love that bag with the rosettes! I'm a knitter and can't crochet for the life of me, but I can do a chain. Never thought to make garland out of it. Might have to give that a go. Another stashbusting project.. yippee!

    ~ The Speckled Dog

  6. i am pleased when peps have things for sale there are some fab little works of Art on your blog and every thing cost these days so thanks for sharing your art with us big love marc


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