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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You'll want to shop here, trust me.

I know you'll want to shop here because from the first time I stepped into the building that houses American Mercantile in Medford, Oregon, I knew I'd be shopping there again and again. I've taken lots of pictures for you to enjoy....

There's the wonderful seasonal display at the entrance which is always an outstanding collection of vintage, hand crafted and thrifted finds. Antique cherry picker's ladder, anyone? There it is in the corner.

And check out this booth with its shabby chic iron work and bundled lavender and wonderful music sheets pinned to ( look closely now) a baby crib spring frame hanging on the wall!

Every time I look at this pic I see something I've missed and it is even better in person. See the sweet cherry plate and the lacy doily lampshade?

Oh my, more silk greenery and folk art goodies than you can shake a stick at. Miniature wire chairs and french style birdcages and baskets and rusty buckets and prim dolls.

I call this the "door booth" because it has this tall skinny door that I love. I check on it every time I go in there.

Speaking of doors, isn't this the neatest reworking of a farmhouse door and table? Love the chippy paint, love the weathered box on the table, love the wall hooks, love the shelf. So, after drooling over all the neat stuff at American Mercantile, I spoke with Christa, the owner, and took the plunge.

Much sooner than expected she called me back and said she had a space available for me and my daughter and guess what?

This is our brand new booth at this wonderful mall! We've never done a space like this before so we're excited and stressed and thrilled and worried all at once. Take a look, some of these things will look very familiar to you, my wonderful followers.

Alot of what you see is already listed in my Etsy shop. I've had to make a couple of trips to pick things out of the booth that sold online and as long as I'm down there I tweak the space a little and then I look around at all the booths, over a hundred at last count!

I just love the way my daughter, Christy's, book page wreaths and frames look. They are so much fun! And her handmade words really stand out. The Welding Man made all the metal stars you see hanging around. Love them!

I have to admit that almost every time I go there I buy a little something. There are some booths selling wonderful selections of old lace and I can't resist. And design books. And old linens. There is always something old that is new and the friendly vendors keep their prices reasonable. It's an exciting place to visit, full of fun things. Didn't I tell you you would want to shop there? Hopefully I'll be blogging about American Mercantile again and highlight some of the lovely things on display there. Maybe even BEFORE I've bought them! ;0)

So do you have a favorite place to shop? Someplace interesting and not expensive and full of wonderful things? Please share!


  1. I like the stars that your husband welds. Very cool. You have lots of lovelies crammed in there.

  2. Looks great, we used to have a craft mall here. It was more than crafts and similar to what you have shown us. I got all kinds of stuff there so many years back, but then it closed and I was sad:( it isn't the same without it.

  3. You are SO right! I want to shop there! :-)

  4. Congrats!! That is so exciting. I would definitely shop there!! :-)

  5. Love it- I would shop there!
    I love the stars- got a thing for them, you know.
    Great place to play and forget the worries for an afternoon!
    Hugs- Tete

  6. What a great place to shop! It reminds me of a couple of the places I love to go to in Snohomish WA. Your daughter's wreaths and words are wonderful!

  7. Good thing I dont live in the USA as I would want to buy it all! :)


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