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Friday, November 5, 2010

Sweet candlestick makeover

Yes, I'm still here! One round of chemo down, 7 more to go, so let's keep this wagon rolling! Here's a sweet little candle and candle holder makeover which was short and easy and makes me smile and smile. And ladies, your sweet sweet thoughts during my cancer struggle is a boon and inspiration to me. I appreciate all your love and concern!

These sad little pillar candles were not looking so spiffy and the shabby chic candlesticks had seen their best days. Their previous sparkly plastic crystals were cloudy and tired and the whole set lacked "oomph." So once again, my hero daughter Insanely Creative Christy, came to the rescue. I told her my thoughts and she gave me hers and off we went!

Ah, the spray paint table also used occasionally for picnics and family cookouts. A fresh oilcloth tablecover always hides our painting sins when the family gets together. Here comes the gloss black spray paint and a whole new look for these curlicue holders! (In the background are some halloween steel cutouts which we have rustified for a real shabby look. Loved them!)

Jute twine and hot glue to the rescue. We weren't looking for perfection here, but a bit of shabbified chic to make the candles look Pottery Barnish and vintage, maybe? Anyway, we like it so far.

And here they are on my over the top embellished Halloween counter, but we like them, we like them alot! Christy tried tiny book leaves around them but they were too plain, so she went tres simple with the tiny black bows and it was genius! LOVE THEM!

AH, here's a much nicer picture without all that background clutter! Don't you love them? They are just so clean and shabby and rustic and curvy and a perfect focal point for a tablescape, side display or even on their own. Twine around the bottom with some book page leave autumn garlands and you have a gorgeous mantel display. LOVE THEM! Now we get to go play with them and set them up with other foofaraw for my Thanksgiving display. Such fun!

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  1. Very nicely done. I love 'making do' with old items.

    Thanks for posting.


  2. Great make over! Glad you got the first round done and you sound pretty chipper. Good sign!
    Hugs- Tete

  3. Great job on the candlesticks. The little black ribbon around them is the perfect final touch. Best wishes for your health.
    April @ HomeHinges.com

  4. These candle transformations are great-good idea for fall. Glad to hear the first is over! Keep up the positive attitude-you'll be in my prayers!

  5. This is amazing dear...i love this idea & tutorial...you must paste this finished picture to your blog header..this will look more stylish at the top of the blog..

  6. These look great. Pottery Barn has nothing on you. Stay strong! La

  7. I love these candle holders. Great transformation. I love all of the blue glass in your header too!

  8. That's awesome(1 done)!!

    Love the candle/holder makeover. They are gorgeous now!

    Love you Ann!

  9. I somehow missed that you were undergoing chemo. I am both sorry to hear that and relieved that your first round went well. Hugs. Your candle and holder transformation is stunning. As always!

  10. They look fantastic -- great job!!!


  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!! I'm a big jute fan anyway! :)

    I didn't realize you were going through chemo...I will keep you in my prayers!

  12. Hey, those look great! I really like the idea of prettifying old candles.
    I didn't realize that either. More prayers from me!

  13. I think they look a tad bit french/ Paris! love them, thinking outside the shabby box. Thanks for sharing how your doing. So glad all is well. I think of you often as I am an empty nester also, and just starting to have the time of my life since I was given a golden parachute and very early retirement from the corporate world. Crap, I would be so mad if I was in your shoes, but I would be so grateful that it was breast cancer, if i had to have a cancer that is! Keep us posted and keep creating with your partner in crime or crafting I mean! LOL



  14. Those are adorable! You are SO creative!

    Sending prayers your way!! Chemo is no fun, but you sound like you are in high spirits, keep that up!! I'm 18 years in remission as of September and can honestly say that a positive attitude goes a loooong way!

    Blessings! Happy Weekend!

  15. LOVE the transformation! Perfect and soooooo cute!!

  16. Keeping you in my prayers.Glad you have the surgery and one round behind you.You are a strong person and have a wonderfully positive attitude that come through in your posts and that's half of the battle!
    Your daughter did a great job on the candles. Can I borrow her?
    Blessings, Annette

  17. Oh girl, these are AWESOME!!!! I had to come and read the blog itself. If I read it on my "reader" it will delete it and I want to keep it for when I want to do this. I totally love how elegant they look. *side note - reading my entry here makes me sound like a valley girl. OH MY GAWWWWD! LOL

  18. These are fantastic! Very elegant actually and I love the idea of the twine! Stealing that idea for sure!


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