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Friday, December 3, 2010

Sometimes pretty just happens.

Well, we're making the change over from Thanksgiving and autumn decor to Christmas this weekend. Insanely Creative Christy and I have a list and together we have a plan. But sometimes things just happen and you have to seize the day. I have a big, old, oval trencher with a beat up chippy paint finish and as we took things down and put things up we started throwing the odds and ends in that old bowl.....

Hey, neat!

That's looking pretty cool, almost like we planned it, but we didn't. Had to take pics anyway.

Book page Christmas balls, vine balls, shiny balls go in. Chuck in some random silvery, pearly, metallic garlands next. Hey, that looks good!

A pretty yarn angel, a tangle of tiny pearl beaded garland...and a trio of rusty tin stars. Better and better!

Hey, these pretty little string angels need a place to rest before we hang them on a tree. Put 'em in the bowl. Sweet! So many pretty things together in one place, maybe we should leave this as is?

Maybe, but probably not. We've got plans and lists and schedules. But don't worry, old beat up chippy painted trencher bowl, we'll do you good when we're all done with things.

Just sharing the spontaneity of the moment ladies, sometimes good things happen if only fleetingly. Seize the moment and ENJOY!


  1. Love the bowlful of fun! I am liking these little angels way too much. I have string...hhmmm.
    I always start out with a plan, but end up winging it. Creativity works that way.
    I sure hope you are having a good week! You sound chipper. Hope you are enjoying your time with your daughter and that you are staying warm. It's a tad bit nippy here and going to be very cold next week!
    Bear hugs and warm wishes- Tete

  2. It is great! I love those word ornaments...Our whole decorating for the Christmas Parade of Homes seemed to go like that...everything just fell into place! Great bowl of goodies~! Lezlee

  3. Very cool. I can't tell you have many of my projects just happened, sometimes by mistake


  4. I love the word ornaments so cute!

    ~ Thanks for you sweet words on our blog, feel free to stop by anytime! :)

  5. Such a nice tossing of items. You're right, sometimes pretty does just happen. You've certainly been busy.

  6. They look great in that bowl--I pile ornaments in baskets and vintage suitcases after unpacking and before putting them on the tree. Sometimes they do look cuter! thanks for linking to my very merry holiday home party!

  7. They do look pretty in the bowl! The string angels are adorable.

  8. I've not seen this one-pretty neat!

  9. They look great in the bowl. I love the words on them! So cute

  10. Drifts of Christmas decorations are the best, and this was a GREAT post!

  11. Just curious....do you have or can you direct me where to find the instructions for making your angels? Mine are yarn too but they look quite different. Love how yours seem to have hair and they certainly look fuller than my poor things.



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