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Friday, September 23, 2011

Me, now.

Ladies, thanks for all your positive thoughts and wonderful messages while I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer this last year. Through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation your many friendly messages were a cheerful part of my therapy.

So where am I now? Well, this is me in October of last year as my hair started to go, about three weeks after my mastectomy and into intensive chemotherapy.

See the hospital gown? Yeah, I'm getting drains out at this visit.

This is me in December of 2010. Hairless with drawn on eyebrows and a large collection of hats and scarves. Tired tired tired. Deep into chemo.

February 2011. Free wigs from the American Cancer Society! Chemo almost done, ready for radiation. Wigs and bright lipstick and fuzzy scarves are my fashion mainstays.

And here I am with The Welding Man at my parent's 60th Anniversary Dinner Dance in August. I made it! Still have five years of medication and lots of mammograms ahead but feeling almost as good as I felt before I was told I had breast cancer.

So, I'm still here. Rocking a bit of a Judi Dench look.

Except, Judi Dench has longer hair, lol!

I'm starting to get my creative and blogging mojo back, and trying to regain some of the momentum for sales in my Etsy shop, which were building nicely way back last fall. Onward and upward, I say!

I said I would not turn my blog into a cancer blog and I haven't. But ladies, believe me, it's important....do those breast self exams and get regular mammograms. I had pain in my armpit which led me to discover the lump in my breast. Take charge of your own care and pay attention to your body!

This is me, now. Thankful and counting my blessings. We live in the same town as most of our kids and grand kids and we have family get togethers once a week. So thankful that I'm around to enjoy life and make the best of things.

And thankful for all of you. Bless you, ladies.


  1. You look wonderful, Ann! I personally love the Judi Dench look. :)

  2. You are rocking the Judi Dench look! So very very glad to read this post.

  3. Your hair is gorgeous, that short looks great on you. Looking stylish.

  4. Love the short hair, you look great...Onward and upward!!


  5. Congratulations on making it so far, my 34 year old niece has been traveling a similar path - so prayers and good thoughts for both of you! And I LOVE the Judi Dench look, you look very stylish and up-to-date!

  6. You're BEAUTIFUL, Mom! I LOVE your new hair-do.

  7. You look amazing in all of your pictures! I love the Judi Dench look too! Thanks for sharing your story! You are right, do those self checks and Mammos!

  8. You look wonderful with that short hair! It's you, I can tell. Listen to this never can get it too short girl...you will find that loving it will slip up on you and you'll never want it any other way! Dame Judi would be honored! So glad your days are looking brighter and you are feeling better and better! Best, Vicki

  9. Dahling, you look mahvelous! Truly! And yes, being thankful is the best way to feel - but pretty tough sometimes too.

    My mom has non-Hodkin's lymphoma. Been thru a couple rounds of chemo and is doing well. A couple months ago my brother had an appendectomy and they found he has lymphoma too. So we're just starting with him.

    Thankful? Absolutely! Gotta find something every single day. There's plenty - just sometimes you got to really look :D

  10. You are beautiful!

  11. I've been wondering how you have been doing. I'm glad all is going well. I LOVE your hair =)

  12. good luck to you. 3 of my friends made it successful through all treatments- 1 friend and my sister didn't. I am so glad we have better treatments now.

  13. Thank you for this post. I have had alot of cancer in my family and recently have had another loved one diagnosed with breast cancer. This post is sooo inspirational for me. God bless you and watch over you on your journey. And you are rocking that short hair girl!!! LUV IT! :O)

  14. Oh, Ann I am sorry to hear you are fighting this awful disease. I have been a hair dresser for 18 years and have 3 clients with cancer right now. I am very familiar with wigs/hair loss, etc. Your short hair is A-dorable!!!! Most women can not pull this off, but the color and the sassyness of it is perfect-don't ever wear your hair long(er) again!!


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