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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Painting for my sister

I've loved painting for years but have never taken a lesson. I painted and tweaked and painted and did what I could to capture my ideas. Finally I began to buy some books that gave me important information and best of all, instructions. THIS is one of my favorite purchases.

Written and lavishly photographed by John Koury (copyright 2002), this book is luscious just to look at but best of all, there are scads of important tips and great instructions for painting the small details in nature.

I knew I wanted to paint something like this for my sister, Nancy, for Christmas. She loves the creeks and rivers of Oregon and the layered beauty you find there. So I jumped in with both feet.
Starting with the dark background, I added layered colors for the rocks both in and out of the water. I am so amazed when nothing becomes something in a painting. I always come to a point where it looks like it isn't working but I've learned to push through. Acrylics are my favorite medium since mistakes can be painted over and fixed. Mistakes? I've made a few. LOL!

It was not very big, but it was full of fun details. I enjoyed painting it!

Here's the finished painting. I eliminated the butterfly but kept the leaf. I thought it's beautiful detail was more than enough against the wet and dry stones. I also added the floating twig. I LOVE how this came out and Nancy did, too!

I painted this is 2009. In 2010 I quit painting because of my cancer treatment. My fine motor skills were iffy when I was deep in chemotherapy so nobody got paintings last Christmas. Instead I used simple freezer paper stencils to make personalized sweatshirts.

But you know, I'm feeling better and better. I've found I can still do fine crochet and hand sewn rosettes and even take on some bigger projects. I did a few paintings for my Etsy shop for Halloween using my most popular designs and I sold a few. That does it. Time to start painting again!

So, ahoy there, family! When you get a painting for Christmas, act surprised. : o )

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  1. Your painting is wonderful, Ann! The water over the rocks is so beautifully done.

    I appreciate you visit and comment.

  2. Ann, You are so talented. We seem to both love the same weird things with an obsession. Jars, boxes, book paper, etc. I read your whole blog from beginning to end, and feel blessed to have found your site. I am so thankful the cancer is gone, and you are feeling better enough to paint again. You are an amazing artist. I have pinned several ideas and will be following your blog on a regular basis. You are truly an inspiration in more ways than one.

    Kimberly Luther

  3. Just wonderful. Isn't it amazing what we can learn from books? You are an ARTIST!

  4. Just wonderful. Isn't it amazing what we can learn from books? You are an ARTIST!


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