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Monday, January 16, 2012

Blue Bookcase Painting

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My daughter in law found this large canvas, 30" x 40", at a garage sale. It was covered with camouflage print fabric and had a 2" tear in the middle, but it was a real bargain. She gave it to me, figuring I'd find something to do with it.

So I painted this.....

....a faux bookcase chock full of books. I had seen other artwork of books and loved them, and I knew I would not sell a damaged canvas on Etsy, so I went for it. Using Elmer's, I glued a muslin patch over the tear and let it set overnight. Then I went to town with all my favorite colors....

Cobalt blue, turquoise, bright red, chocolate brown, soft white and teal blue contrasted with black. The tear is hidden between two books and almost invisible.

I did not put in alot of bookish details as I wanted it to be more abstract and all about the colors, but normally I'd have put stitch marks and titles and authors on all of them because I love the small particulars in a painting. Not this time, and I love it!

I used acrylic paint and layered the colors on each book. The first layer of red came out too pink so I went with a bright and glossy Christmas red and it really pops!

I sealed it with Mod Podge for a satiny finish.

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Then I put it on our TV wall and loved it, and immediately knew that the real bookcases need some serious decluttering and styling! But hey, I love the painting and the way it is in scale with the big chair and that big, black TV. I'll add more paintings to that wall and tackle those shelves next. Aaaaand, reupholster the big chair.

I am salvaging two more big canvases from thrift store paintings that are even bigger than this canvas. I've primed them with gesso and just have to decide what to paint. I haven't done many big paintings and I'm so excited! PLUS, when I'm done I'll have art for my walls for not a lot of money, gotta love that.

I have an idea that strips of scrap book papers in neat prints could be mod podged in rows to make a neat faux bookcase project. Or even crinkled brown kraft paper that looks like distressed leather. Oh, now I have to try it!

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  1. Love it - you did an amazing job.
    I love to find 'arty' blogs, so I'm following.
    Hope all is well with you.

  2. What a wonderful job! I love it!!

  3. This painting is wonderful! Oh how I wish I could do this!
    I'm featuring your painting tomorrow night at Project Queen's Highlight Party.
    Thank you so much for linking up.



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