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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Succulent Love

The weather here in Oregon is starting to get cooler and rainy, and my summer flowers are fading. I've recently fallen in love with these no fail succulents, which go on looking good through all seasons and have wonderful textures and colors. Plus, they spread so I can divide them for even more projects!

I love the tight rosettes and the bright colors against the gravel.

Sedums in an old drawer along with one of my pebble garden balls stay bright all year long.

I really gravitate towards cool limey yellow in my garden, along with cobalt blue glass accents.

Cement planter ball with one pretty rosette.

The re purposed bird feeder looks great all year long with this neat mix of sedums and succulents. They are as close to care free as anything I have grown!

The blue enamel chamber pot is perfect for this succulent collection.

Cute idea! I got this cupcake tin loaded chock full of succulents for $5!! I'm going to divide them and spread them out into a larger cupcake pan. Love this look!

I have a fake succulent wreath in the bathroom that I would love to copy in the real thing. I've got some ideas about that and I'll be blogging when it all comes together. If you do a Pinterest search for succulents you will be blown away at the beautiful plants and projects including weddings using succulents instead of flowers. I may be late to the bandwagon but I've totally climbed on board! 

And now, I've discovered this!!!

Love that painting. LOVE it! When I take a stab at a painting of my own I'll post it here. Ah, succulents, where have you been all my gardening life?

I'll be joining the parties on my sidebar. Come visit and see all the creativity in blog land!

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  1. I love succulents! Wish I had more! Maybe when time allows I will try some fun projects like your bird feeder!


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