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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Silver Button Blingy Decor Ball

This is a little display I change up every once in awhile and I'm always looking for little tweaks to the look. This time I decided to change that big silver Christmas ball looking orb because that's just what it is. A big silver Christmas ball.

. You know when you go to someone's house and you see a decor item that just draws you in 
and you want to pick it up and handle it and 
say, "What is it? This is so cool!" 
That's what I was shooting for.

In my craft room I have a huge stash of stuff, including silverish buttons and doodads. 
I roughed up the ball surface with sandpaper and used hot glue then
E6000 adhesive. I used wire cutters to trim 
 the hasps off the back of the buttons so they would lay flat.

Then I went to town and attached every silvery button and trim I could lay my hands on. 

Buttons and bottle caps and watch faces and silvery beads and glass half marbles...

and jewelry parts and necklace clasps and scrapbook gems and even glitter.
Oooh! I like it alot!

So now comes the fun part, trying it out 
in different places in the house and seeing how it looks.

                                   In the living room on the shelf right by my reading chair?

                                   On the shelf in the hall bathroom, right below the mirror?

Or right there where it started, at the end of the counter when you come in the door? 
Yeah. That's the place.
 I love the way this came out! 
Don't you want to pick it up and turn it over and check it out? 
So do I! 

I do love my marble garden balls and my vine balls 
and even my book page covered balls,
 but this silver blingy ball is my favorite!

What about you? What's your favorite DIY decor item?

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