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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Painted Pallet Boards on Square Planter

I'm always looking for ways to use pallet boards in my garden. 
Since we covered black nursery pots with pallet boards my mind has been spinning!

I figured if pallet boards can make black pots look good,
 how about the other planters in my yard?

Here is the before of the kinda grubby square planter by my front steps last summer. 

Last week I painted it with primer then used our house trim color to paint it 
(and almost everything else) turquoise blue.

 I love the blue against all the shades of green and the flowers!

And here is how it looks NOW-

 For this project I drybrushed the turquoise paint on some pallet boards and used
 our handy dandy brad nailer gun to attach them.

You could also use outdoor construction adhesive but we like the
 security and ease of the nail gun.

We didn't even move it from the yard.
 We just rocked it up at an angle and nailed the boards in place.


 I like the whole vintage vibe this gives that plain planter!! It looks like
an old wooden container that has aged for years.

 and BLUE! 

Exactly my style!

In the future we MIGHT go ahead and cut some pallet boards
 to fit into the triangular spaces.

 But for now I really like the texture and AGE 
the painted boards give to this plain square planter!

Hmmmm, what else can I do with the rest of my pallet boards?


  1. love love love this! I am a huge fan of your pallet pots. It inspired me to cover some window planters with pallets. http://renewedprojects.blogspot.com/2015/08/pallet-wood-planters.html
    I like how you painted/distressed the square planter. It does look lovely against all that green.

    1. Audra, thank you! Cute idea for your window planters! I joined your blog linky climb for April.


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