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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Biiiig Mason Jar Terrarium

These big Mason jar type drink dispensers are everywhere these days. We've used them for at least half a dozen family occasions in the last couple of years.
They are handy and convenient and look great with
 fruit slices or ice floating in the beverage.

But what do you do when a big ol' drink dispense springs a leak around the spigot and doesn't work for serving drinks anymore?

In this case I put a cork in it and saved it on the shelf for an idea I had...
to make a big ol' two gallon terrarium!

There it sat until I started repotting some houseplants. I knew these smaller ferns
 would be perfect for the terrarium I wanted.

I layered gravel, soil and activated charcoal in the bottom. 
I trimmed the roots and the tops of the ferns so they'd fit inside the jar and grow bushier.
I also planted some pink and white bamboo grass and lime green creeping jenny.

Here in Oregon it is not hard to find moss at any time of year. I found
 three different kids in our yard and trimmed them to fit.

I added aquarium gravel and some quartz pebbles. 
Already I like this alot!

And since I'm a color junky I added some pretty blue glass and marbles.

Some larger rocks and a piece of interesting driftwood get added to the mix.

Using a mini Christmas ornament and a small spool of thread, I made tiny garden ball. I hot glued twine to the spool for a bit of interest.

Oooh aaah! I like this alot!

At one foot tall it is a nice focal point. I'll post more photos when the ferns and bamboo grass fill in a bit more.

It's the kind of project I like, using things I already have and recycling one thing into something unusual and pretty.

Zero cost, loads of enjoyment.

Win win!

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