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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Spray Paint That Porch Rug!

Soooo....here's the start of our front desk fix up. 
Good colors, structure and the furniture is all usable for another season. 

But what the heck to do with that boring beige outdoor rug?

As usual, I wanted quick, pretty and easy.

 I have flowers to plant!!

And here's my solution....



I had spray paint in black, turquoise and white on hand. I also added a nice leather brown color.

     I looked around for different round shapes to use as stencils and
 ended up with a pizza cardboard, pie plate and saucer.

Simple simple! Spray several light coats until you
 have the color you want.

 This also avoids DRIPS.


Ta da!

Sunshine or shade, the colors really POP.

This is a super simple and super pretty solution to that boring deck rug.
 I will do it again when we replace this rug in another summer.

 It makes me smile!

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