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Friday, March 9, 2012

Faux Moss Decor Balls

Here's a reworking of one of my favorite springtime projects...mossy decorating balls. Just a beautiful bit of emerald green for St. Patrick's Day!

The Dollar Store sells sheet, roll and loose moss, which is sort of olive green and dull grey. But they also sell foam rocks covered in fake emerald green moss. What a beautiful color and texture! This is exactly the gorgeous green of the moss on our Oregon mountain. So these faux mossy rocks worked out great for my next project...mossy decor balls!

I spray painted a large Dollar Store Christmas ball brown (2/$1 after Christmas sale. Score!) 

 Then, at my grandson's suggestion, I peeled the pretty green fake moss off the fake foam rocks. The moss won't all come off at once or in a clean piece. Some foam will stick to the back.

I hot glued the pieces to the ball. They are a little irregular and the pieces of foam that stick to the back gave them a few small bumps, just like real moss.

I really LOVE the way these came out!

I made two more with different size Christmas balls then had some fun arranging them in a vintage wooden bowl with a gorgeous piece of driftwood, creek pebbles and my favorite paper dragonfly. So pretty!

Just lovely on our coffee table with the morning sun shining across! See how realistic those moss balls look?

And then I put them in a different display and added googly eyes. Why? Because I could, and it made the family laugh. It probably also made them worried about me, lol!

The cost for these mossy decor balls is minimal. I figure $2 for the balls, $2 for 2 packs of fake moss rocks, hot glue and spray paint I had on hand and an hour or so of fun crafting. So $4 total? The googly eyes are in my stash, you never know where they'll show up next. Let's call this fun project $4 for 3 pretty decor balls that are perfect for  spring decorating. Gotta love that!

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  1. That makes a really nice display! ~ Maureen

  2. I love the moss-covered balls and the way you display them as well. What is it about moss that is so intriguing? I am always drawn to it in nature. I'm featuring this right away in my Facebook talent album. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Igottacreate/100573240032625?sk=wall
    Thanks SO much for linking up!
    "Kiss Me I'm Irish" linky party now open!

  3. Hi Ann! Thanks for visiting my blog today - love your moss ball spheres too! What a great idea to use those dollar store moss rocks! Have a great weekend :)
    Heather @ settingforfour.blogspot.com

  4. I found your cute blog on the Be Different Act Normal link party -- Absolutely love this idea! I don't know how many times I have seen those fake rocks at the dollar store. I love your innovation! Thanks for sharing :)

    p.s. I made moss balls a while back for a woodland forest baby shower (http://iheartlaughing.blogspot.com/2010/10/baby-shower-inspired-by-woodland-forest.html), and they were DEFINITELY more than $4.00! Excited to try yours out!

    xo alanna

  5. Those are so fun! I'll have to try making these moss balls! Thanks for linking them up to Cutesy Monday!


  6. I really love your project! Great creativity taking the nice moss and using it on the Christmas bulb!! Your arrangement turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share!

  7. Your decorative ball is really very nice and cute. Ball's googly eyes are really looking so pretty. Its a creative craft.

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  8. What a unique idea! It really plays in well with nature and the natural look. It's nice when things are beautiful and cheap.

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