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Saturday, March 31, 2012

House Plant Fanatic

My name is Ann, and I am a Plantaholic!

 Yup, no matter what else is going on in my house decor-wise, I always have LOTS of house plants. Back in the 70s I had a window full of hearty Purple Queen/Wandering Jew growing in water filled mason jars. I made macrame plant hangers and I was hooked!

Note to self - Get more Wandering Jew plants and make some macrame hangers. Hey, macrame is so retro it is due for a rebirth, doncha think?

My dining room window is very plant friendly and this low bookshelf has half a dozen plants. Love that colorful begonia! It is only a year old and looks great. The bright green schefflera plants are super easy to grow from cuttings.

 I love ferns in any way, shape or form. Boston ferns can be persnickety but these airy Asparagus Emerald ferns grow well for me. This one was a 3" Walmart starter from last spring. This plant looks fragile but it is really tough. And it has thorns! The stems look like mini bamboo. Feed it well during spring and summer and it will get more lush and beautiful. Prune it for thicker growth. The stems look wonderful in flower arrangements. 

We haven't yet redone our master bath, but the great light and tall cabinets are very houseplant friendly. The Pothos and Sprengerii fern are totally happy on top. On the counter is a planter that started out on the patio and will go back out for the summer. The very happy mama Spider plant has loads of babies and shares the pot with a nice heart leaf  Philodendron. Reflected in the mirror is a healthy Peace Lily (aka Spathiphyllum) whose white flowers resemble Calla Lilies. 

 Ah, heart leaf Philodendron, one of my favorites. Easy to grow, easy to start from cuttings, beautiful dark green, shiny leaves and  beautiful trailing stems. I have half a dozen of these growing inside. Love them!

 Another outside plant brought in for the winter, this Peace Lily in a pretty urn LOVES it on the bathroom counter. Above hangs another Philodendron. Beside it is a Maidenhair fern and another, small Peace Lily.

Hard to see in the octagonal window is a pink striped Prayer Plant ( aka Maranta) which folds up its leaves at night, hence the popular name. The smaller plant is a pretty Croton. The big planter holds yet another happy Spider Plant mama with lots of happy babies. On the back side of this planter is a Croton, Philodendron and Lady fern.

My mom used to grow beautiful sweet potato plants this way when I was little and now I'm trying for one of my own. Can an avocado pit tree be far off? Lol!

Houseplants give me my gardening fix while I'm waiting to work outside. What about you, how do your houseplants grow? What are your favorites?

I am so ready for warm, sunny spring weather. It has been so rainy and cold here in Oregon that NO yard work has been accomplished. A recent bout of the flu and a new prescription have conspired against me. Curses! Or should I say, Rat Damn Fink! That was my "mom cussing" when the kids were little and they still tease me about it. :o)

Join me at the blog parties listed on my sidebar. There is LOTS of great, creative stuff for springtime out there in blogland. Enjoy!


  1. I'm a new follower so maybe I am missing something...is there a post on March 31st?

  2. Oh it is SO GREAT to meet someone else who loves plants!!!!!! I have them every where too. The more the merrier I say:) You have many pretty ones in your collection. I wonder why we don't see many plants in the decorating magazines? Maybe more people would see how fantastic they are to decorate with;)Thanks for sharing:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Those are really nice houseplants hat you growing, all of these plants are my favorites too. Do you know what stores sell prayer plants, I have a prayer plant but do not have the pink striped one. My plant is all green. And love the spider plants, philodendrons, pothos, ferns and peace lily.


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