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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wish List...A Blue Buffet, Part 1.

I've been pining after a blue buffet for my dining room for awhile now. My "Blue" board on Pinterest is full of photos of awesome retro buffets redone in wonderful blue paint finishes. I Googled and sighed and pinned and kept planning what I would do with the perfect vintage CHEAP buffet when I found it.

Love this color. Cuz it's blue and it looks old. I'm a serious blue freak, let me tell you. But then, look at my blog header. Blue! Ahem.

The color, it makes me happy. I used turquoise blue in my craft room and with a bit of tweaking I could totally make this color work in my dining room. Le sigh.

 The Welding Man took a look at this photo and said, in his best husbandly manner, "That looks kind of cruddy." Yes, but it's blue and its vintage looking and is loaded with character! Like me! LOL!

And look what I found! A vintage 70s Mediterranean buffet for $20!!! 

The guys brought it home and I immediately started loading it up with all manner of decor items, cuz I am loving it. Yeah, that eclectic mix includes a genuine Poortvliet gnome (looks like The Welding Man), cobalt blue glassware, an Oriental teak chest,  retro wire fruit basket, galvanized tin lantern and an apothecary jar full of  orbs with family names. And a samurai sword. And a painted butterfly rock. And an earthenware vase. Ok, I'll stop now.

Hey, Pottery Barn I'm not.

It is beat up and exactly what I was looking for. Look at that retro detail! The shelves inside are solid and the doors are straight and tight. And soon, it will be BLUE. A nice denim blue with a touch of turquoise. And a bit of crackle (using Elmer's glue, of course), and some glazing, and sanding, and distressed edges. Maybe with a dark walnut top. Or not. And oil rubbed bronze fixtures (thanks to Krylon spray paint) and maybe a bit of  Mod Podged book pages on the inside because I'm just that excited about this project.

Does it need legs or not?  Still deciding.

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

And one last comment by The Welding Man. "I like the way it looks right now!" Funny man, he knows I never leave anything well enough alone.

I'll post progress right here, so check back for part 2.


  1. I would love to see it with legs, but maybe I'm just too much influenced by the above pictures or maybe I have the feeling it could look 'lighter' with legs :)

  2. Now I'm breathless with anticipation! I can totally see this in blue!

  3. Just found your blog today and I am IN LOVE! Love all the blues, love all the fantastic projects done for less and I especially love this buffet! And guess what? I have the same one! And I also have a twice as long dresser with shelves AND drawers! Anx here's the best part-I want to do them both in BLUE with a turquoise base. I've searched your blog and haven't seen an update on the end result of your buffet. Have I just missed it? Can't wait to hear back!

    1. OMG, I am torn between painting my buffet blue or leaving it the original rich walnut. The reason being I collect cobalt glass and blue and white pottery and they look awesome against the dark wood. I am afraid that a blue buffet would not show them off to the best advantage. But still, I want to paint it blue, lol. I will put together an update with photos and maybe let my followers help me decide. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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