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Monday, April 16, 2012

Pretty Blue Glass Windowsill Project-Quick, Cheap and Easy

Do you ever look at something everyday and tell yourself you're going to fix it up or do something with it someday? I did that everyday with my kitchen windowsill. Something about the splotchy paint job, water stains and general untidiness made me "itch."

Trust me, I did NOT capture the true grunginess of this area. Even my beloved blue glass and house plants didn't do the trick. I stand here a dozen times a day and each time I would tell myself I would fix it up. Well, today I checked the clock and figured I could spare an hour for a little project to make this pretty.

 Ooooh aaaah! I like this alot! 

Now the unending Oregon spring rain isn't the only thing to look at from this window.

 I cut a piece of burlap to fit the space and took the glass bits out of the tall vase I had there originally. I hot glued the half marbles and sea glass and random glass pieces to the burlap then used a heat gun to tidy up all the wisps and strands.

Now when I am at my kitchen sink this area no longer annoys me. It actually makes me smile.

And the Welding Man put a shelf higher up in the window casing for more of my cobalt blue glass. This color soothes me and gives me a peaceful feeling, so the Welding Man, who is a survivor, puts up shelves where and when I want them. He is a smart (and nice) guy!

So, a wee bit of time and effort and no new cost at all, and I've added beauty and practicality to my kitchen. Gotta love that! What about you, do you have a small project that you could do quickly and cheaply that would lift your spirits everyday? Just do it!

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  1. I love it! My moma has hers on a shelf very similar and when the sunlight hits it, nothing prettier.

  2. The window sill looks great and that's very good advice for us all! ~ Maureen

  3. Blue is my favourite colour. You give such nice things pretty blue glass window project. Its look great in sunlight. Its too good.

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