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Friday, September 19, 2014

Painted Decor Balls For My Coffee Table

I wrote previously about repainting my vintage/ancient 80s coffee table to coordinate with the new color scheme in my living room. Namely, the addition of turquoise blue. Here's the link....

I knew I wanted something something to put on the newly painted table to draw the eye. After checking out my stash and using a bit of paint I made some new decor for my living room, for FREE! 

I have lots of stuff stored away for projects and I had these resin decor balls in a box. I got them at a thrift store but I still see new ones for sale at Michael's, Ross, Pier 1 and other stores. They were originally a combo of bronze, brown and gold, not what I wanted at all.

Oops! Got a little ahead of the camera action there! I brushed on a scant layer of Apple Barrel acrylic paint in turquoise for this pair.

I totally adore the way the color picks out the detail in these decor balls! I painted the last ball (which was mostly antiqued gold) with Apple Barrel bright red. Then I wiped off some of the color on all three balls while the paint was still wet. This gave me the vintage vibe I was going for.

And last, to make them look even more aged, I finished them with a top coat of Poly Shades in classic oak. This is a stain and sealer in one and it adds just the right amber glow to these decor balls. Use this in a well ventilated space per the label instructions!

 I always buy footed wooden bowls whenever I find them at thrift stores or yard sales, so I knew I had this perfect container for my new old decor balls. I dry brushed the wood with more turquoise paint and wiped it off for a vintage look. Then I sealed it with the Polyshades. I LOVE how it makes the painted piece look instantly old!
Although it would be nice to go out and spend lots of dollars to get a new look in my home, I usually end up doing just this...changing up my decor with paint and stain and things I already have. And the best part? I can do it again and again and it is FREE!

 Ooooh aaaaah!

If I ever decide to go all white with my decor I know I can redo this table and these balls for a bit of decor punch. I love that! Join me at these fun linky parties. You'll find some very cool things!


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