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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Save Beautiful Bottles with Wrapped Twine

I'm a bit of a blue fanatic. Especially cobalt blue (see blog header!)

When we discovered a wine we liked came in these beautiful blue bottles I couldn't bear to let them go.

So started restyling them with twine and burlap for a rustic and colorful look....right up my alley!

So I've put the word out to family and friends to save their blue bottles for me.
With hot glue and jute twine and some burlap scraps, these wine bottles are now upscale decor for my dining table.

I love the contrast of the rough twine and wood with the rich blue.

This table decor almost makes itself!

Add a tray and some greenery from the yard and a mix of unadorned bottles and you have a simple, colorful and beautiful display.

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