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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Water Bottle Turned Halloween Potion Bottle

I've seen so many potion bottles in stores and online,
 I wondered if I could make one of my own.

Turns out I can!

I started with a tall plastic water bottle....

...and ended up with THIS!

This was a fun project and really easy to do. The end product really 
looks like it was complicated, but it is not.

I gave the slick plastic some texture by using white glue to attach pieces of crumpled tissue paper. I kept the wrinkles intact as I glued to make it look like a vintage glass bottle.

Then I painted it in three shades of green craft paint and blended them together randomly.
I crashed my stash for Halloween print napkins and tissues and used white glue to attach them.
Then I added black cut outs in a spooky vintage theme including the raven, owl, climbing roses, curlicues and an old lamp post plus iron fences.

I used the cork stopper from a champagne bottle and added jute twine and torn black chiffon at the neck. Also in my stash I found the random lace trims, beads, charms and a skeleton key, which I painted to look old and vintage.

For a final finishing touch I added bright glitter in black and green in random places and sealed the whole bottle with clear acrylic sealer.

Finally I called it done and took a step back.

Look! You'd never know this started out as a plastic water bottle. This was fun to do and the final result is awesome!

Now I'm looking at all sorts of drink bottles with a new eye...including those cobalt blue beer bottles.

I'll post with new ones as I finish them!

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