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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Painted Area Rug Part 2

I used acrylic craft paint, textile medium and stencils to paint this half moon area rug on my carpet.
I really like how the colors and the stencils worked so well together!

Here's a link....

I'm kind of a color junkie so this is right up my alley. Exhibit One, here's 
the coffee table I repainted with chalk paint a couple summers ago...

I knew I'd like it as soon as I started using this stencil to put the 
turquoise curlicues on the brown and red background.

My original plan was a 2" wide turquoise border around the whole arch. Then, as I was painting it I had an "oops" moment when the bright blue paint escaped the painters tape.

Well, drat. 

So, this is how I dealt with it...by using the same curlicue 
stencil to add a sort of doily edge to the turquoise border.

No, it isn't perfectly even but I keep telling myself it has a certain bohemian charm, yes?

And yet I feel like maybe it is a giant floor doily now.

Or not. Hmmmm.

I'm kind of starting to like it.
Sort of.

And yes, I'm staring at it way too much.

So I added more stenciled curls in red.

Okay, I'm going to call it good and leave it be.

Also, I'm going to quit staring at it.

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