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Monday, February 20, 2017

I Made a Barrel Shade

Here is the 90's dining room light which The Welding Man luvs.

I keep decorating it and embellishing it through the seasons to play up my decor and add a bit of color and whimsy. Last year I used Dollar Store snowflakes and fake Autumn garlands.

So I thought I'd go with a different look and hang a drum, or barrel, lamp shade.
Then I went shopping.

Um, when did lamp shades get so freakin' expensive?

After Googling DIY lamp shades I figured I could restyle 
a tall vintage shade into a shorter drum shade. 

I started with this 28" tall shade on sale at the thrift store for $2.99.

I cut it 10" tall using a razor knife and sharp scissors.

 The Welding Man helped me remove the metal rim and braces. 
I re purposed the ring for my new shade after cutting off the brackets.

 I hot glued the metal ring to the top inside edge of the new shade, then hot glued mixed trims around the outside edge. I used muslin bias binding, strips of burlap and then dressmaker's trim. 
I also added the dressmaker's trim to the bottom of the shade.

At this point I'm okay with the result and hoping it looks good once I install it.

 Well, okay, it looks fine. It's a  little too yellow and the light really shows up
 every little imperfection in the trims on both rims.

It is a little too amber for me and the uneven trims are
 just making me really itchy. Mentally, that is.

It looks alright. 

But now I have another idea involving garlands! So stay tuned.

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