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Saturday, November 7, 2020

BIG Two Foot Wide Wreath from a Hula Hoop

I wanted to make a BIG wreath for our door. It had to fit
around the rectangular window so I knew it needed to be 
at least 24" wide.

A trip to the Dollar Tree gave me great ideas, including using a hula hoop base.

I bought a hoop, a foam noodle and loads of colorful silk decor in 
autumn colors and spent less than $15 for everything.

I split the noodle lengthwise and hot glued it to the hoop so the wreath would be 
flattish on the back side and plumpish on the front. 
Those are technical terms, right?

Then I wrapped the foam and hoop in burlap type fabric. 
By the way, the Dollar Store also has the best deal on lotsa sticks of hot glue for a buck.

Let the fun begin! I ended up cutting the leaf clusters off the garlands and
 gluing them in place among the flowers on the front. 
This eliminated any bulk on the flattish back side.

Just a side note...still LOVING the penny counter we put on my kitchen island this summer.

What a fun way to spend an hour or so...attaching pretty colorful flowers
 to a giant wreath for autumn decor!

Oooh aaah!
It's the perfect size to go around the window in the door 
and it's exactly how I pictured it.

Bonus close up shots just because.

During the year I'll hit yard sales and thrift stores for more
colorful things to put on this wreath.

Hula hoop door wreath...I think we have a winner!

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