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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Teapot Ornament Set

My granddaughter has a birthday two weeks before Christmas, so we try to make sure she gets her own separate celebration.

This year she has discovered tea, and is exploring the different tastes and all the fun tea accessories out there, so I knew I wanted to give her something along those lines. I had this teapot ornament made from clay and a glass ball which had seen better days. It was pretty beat up. I knew I couldn't make it shiny and new again.

So I used my handy technique for adding texture...torn, crumpled tissue paper and Mod Podge. The tissue and glue also stabilized the clay pieces and helped keep them firmly attached to the ball.

Her favorite color these days is vibrant apple green. Yes, her bedroom is painted this color! So I painted the teapot ball and pulled together some trims from my stash.

I sealed it with shiny acrylic and added a black teapot, a sleeping cat button, a black satin rosette, a silver bell, the original silver bow and a wood tag with her initial attached with black ribbon.

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I also made her a plaque for her bedroom but this time I used a calmer color combination of black and white.

She was delighted with her gifts! The teapot went straight on the family Christmas tree and her sign is now on her bright apple green bedroom wall. And when she paints her room another color (Orange Crush, anyone?) this plaque will still fit in.

I've been making personal gifts like these for years and the family always seems to like what I make, lol! I could say it's because my stuff is totally awesome but it could also be that I raised my kids to be POLITE. ;o)

So now I'm neck deep in Christmas gift production and really glad I have ONE MORE WEEK to get finished. I always get done in time, so I'm not going to stress. Though I will not be making any rose shaped candles anytime soon. Yes, with each petal hand formed. Crikey.

Have a great week and a blessed Holiday, everyone. Count your blessings, you have more than you know!

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  1. I love the keep calm ornament. I just finished wrapping up a tea themed gift for my favorite aunt and this would have been the perfect addition!


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