Friday, May 31, 2013

Float Your Flowers for a Beautiful Arrangement

Here's a neat and pretty alternative to a full flower arrangement anywhere in your house, especially here in Oregon with our wet and changeable spring. Float your flowers in some pretty glassware for a beautiful accent!

The stormy weather has made the few flowers that are blooming a bit droopy and they aren't displaying well in the usual vases.  So I started floating them in my serving dishes and voila! Beautiful blooms anywhere I want them!

Here are full size and mini roses, marigolds, petunias, pansies, ivy, cosmos and dianthus floating in a glass compote and sundae glasses. Pretty!

Not only is this a pretty display, it is practical, too. The floating roses last alot longer in this glassware since they don't have to draw water up a long stem. Even when they are "blown" they still look good for a few days.

You can even display your petunias this way since the water supports the fragile
flowers.  I added a few tiny ivy leaves for a bit of green.

The marigolds and mini roses last a long time using this trick. In this pic they are almost 5 days old. I can hardly wait for all my gladiolii to bloom, they look gorgeous displayed this way!

You don't need a dozen of any flower to decorate this way. Just take a few pretty blooms and float them in some clean glassware. Easy and beautiful!!

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