Saturday, June 10, 2017

Gotta Love Thrift Stores...And This Gorgeous Blue Plate!

I am a dedicated thrift store shopper and it has paid off in savings 
and truly unique finds over the years.

We got this sturdy and well built but oh-so-retro coffee table for $7.50 way back when. 
It has held up well for decades and it's latest look includes 
turquoise chalk paint and a painted top.

After a house fire we bought the Flexsteel sofa for $25 that shows in the bottom pic.
It has down filled cushions and an easy to slipcover design.
 It is now on it's fourth life, reupholstery wise, 
in chocolate brown ribbed twill.

And here's what I found today for $2.50....
a beautiful fused glass plate in shades of blue by Galvin Glass Works of New York.

As a serious cobalt blue glass fan girl, this glass plate is right up my alley.

I put together with my other thrift store finds and gifts of colored glass, 
you can see why it caught my eye.

And then I turned it over and saw's engraved with a signature by the glass artist, 
Andrew Galvin. It is #1794 of 2640. I think "Oracle" is the name of this particular design
 in  his fused glass catalog.

You can bet I'll be hitting the thrift stores again and soon. 
I may not find something this stunning, but I'll keep my eyes open.
And, anyone that knows me can guess, 

What is your best thrift store find? What are you looking for?

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