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Saturday, July 6, 2013

DIY Pebble Garden Balls

Okay, I admit it, I love to use garden balls and orbs for decoration in my landscape. I especially love blue glass balls of any kind (including the ones I make myself....here's a link to a DIY.

But these wonderfully textured pebbled balls are fast becoming my new go-to yard accessory.

The stones have great colors and texture and paired with my pebbled birdhouses (with cedar shake roofs) they really look beautiful mixed in with all my flowers and planters. 

I admit I move the balls and birdhouses around just about every week. They look good  anywhere I put them!

I get my pebbles at the Dollar Store and the balls are plastic oversize Christmas balls bought on clearance after the holidays for 25 cents a piece. LOVE the Dollar Store sales! This bag of pebbles covered this 4" ball with plenty to spare so the cost was less than $2 even with the adhesive, which is available at Michael's. Use a 40% off coupon and save!

On this ball I used E 6000 jewelry glue. Be sure you work in a very well ventilated place and let each side of the ball set up for awhile before doing the other side. You can also use GE Silicone II adhesive.

On this smaller ball I used outdoor formula Liquid Nails adhesive and really glopped it on so I'd get a  grouted mosaic effect with the stones. The lighter adhesive really contrasts well with the rocks. The adhesive does shrink a bit in drying but I didn't think it took away from the finished appearance of the ball. 

The stone birdhouse is one of my favorites, made with Liquid Nails and rocks on a craft store birdhouse many years ago. The roof is made of cedar shims cut in half and glued in layers. I LOVE how the stones and wood have weathered so nicely. Once a year I spray all my stone garden projects with clear acrylic sealer. It gives them some weather protection and also brings out the colors in the pebbles and wood.

Beautiful, inexpensive and pretty easy, these pebbled balls (and the glass marble balls I also make) are displayed in my yard and garden. Besides pleasing me no end they also guarantee no one has garden art exactly like mine. That's a win win!

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