Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blooming Garden Signs

The weather is still frightful and the garden catalogs are blooming. What can you do to help you look forward to gardening days? Paint some garden signs!

I start my garden signs out with all kinds of wood scraps, some from home projects, some from the building supply, some from craft stores and others just serendipity....if it looks like a good piece of wood the right size for a sign, I'm on it! After painting the wood flat black and dry brushing with white, they are ready for some fun.

Even my newly painted signs look old and weathered with a vintage primitive look. That's what I'm going for!

Every year I paint a crop of garden signs for my yard and some to sell online. This year I am trading a local garden center some signs for impatiens and snap dragons, which is a win win for both of us. I do love me my impatiens and snapdragons...they keep blooming all summer until first frost. Gotta love that!

There are LOADS of cute garden sayings out there so just have fun! I freehand my signs but stencils would work, too. Clear acrylic sealer makes them durable for years. Some will have curly wire hangers and others will be stapled to surveyors stakes (from Lowe's).

This is one of my favorite signs and it always gets a giggle from the kids. "Gramma, that says bloomers!" Don't you love it when kids are still young and naive? Sigh. It doesn't last long, though.

And this is my favorite sign of all! I painted it 7 years ago and it has weathered nicely with an annual re spray of acrylic sealer. I attached this double sign to a long fancy table leg that I painted to match. Our house isn't perfect and we always have projects going on but at least in summer our yard looks gorgeous!

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