Monday, November 6, 2017

Leaf Table Runner-Quick and Thrifty!

What do you get with 4 packs of faux leaves from the Dollar Store and a length of burlap looking fabric? 

This pretty, quick and CHEAP table runner for fall!

I wanted a nice, colorful table runner but, you know me, didn't want to spend alot of money.

So I crashed my stash and found I had loads of fake silk leaves from the Dollar Store.


Note to self-stop buying autumn leaves from the Dollar Store.

I also found a nice length of burlap looking fabric that paired up nicely with the leaves, including some book page leaves left over from another project.

I've kind of got a thing about book page craft projects.

I plugged in my glue gun and went to town.

Man, quick and easy!!

Originally I made each end square to match the fabric.

By adding more leaves I was able to get this nice pointed shape.

I like it alot!

It looks wonderful on the bare wood of our table and also over an autumn woven table cloth.

This is my kind of fun project....quick, easy, fun, CHEAP and it looks great!

Materials needed-

Fabric for runner in the the length you wish (you could also use a Dollar Store table runner)
Fake leaves from the Dollar Store (50 to a pack so maybe 4 packs?)
Hot glue and gun
Optional-book page maple leaves (traced and cut out)

Time needed? 
An hour if you spend alot of time rearranging and fussing with the leaves. 
I say, just do it. Your table runner will thank you for it!

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