Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm Just Going to Paint Those Steps......

You know how this goes. You have a BIG project to do but it takes $$$, time, and people with bigger tools than I can handle, plus muscles, to get them done. 

Which brings us to our back deck. Yes, the decking needs replaced. I can't do that on my own. See above paragraph. But hey, the steps are still in good shape and I DO have a gallon of paint.

That's how my mind works, people. Just jump in and things will fall into place, right? Please ignore the bad boards in the photo below. Ahem. Isn't the blue a nice color? 


The posts and the facings around the deck are also in good shape so my paint brush led me here......


Oh MAN, look at those railings! Okay, next step requires tools and other chores before I can paint some more. I'll let the pictures tell the tale.

Cleaning the railings up and painting went fast, and then I used the super duper nail gun and it's super duper little air compressor. It makes a very satisfying ka-chunk sound. It's the sound of progress!

And LOOK! Is that a stack of new lumber? The men have gotten involved and now the deck boards will be replaced. 


Don't you love it when a plan comes together?


Sunday, April 27, 2014

No Mantel to Decorate...But I Do Have a Baker's Rack

(Copyrighted photos of gorgeous decorated mantels go here)
Truly, too many beautiful mantels to choose from! But you know what I'm talking about; totally swoonworthy mantels decorated to a "T" for every season, holiday and occasion.

 I have no such thing in my house. Sad.

But, making the best out of what I've got, I DO have a totally cool custom made wrought iron baker's rack made by The Welding Man. That's it in my header above at top left, loaded with gorgeous cobalt blue glassware. LOVE.

And here at our new home I've been decorating it for the seasons, holidays and special occasions. I'm nothing if not resourceful.

Here's the baker's rack today...but who knows for how long? lol!

I painted the Clason Mountain artwork to commemorate the beautiful view at our old house. I painted the middle piece because I wanted to use the same colors. So much BLUE, go figure. 

And then I started pulling things together from the rest of the house. As usual, I don't subscribe to the "less is more" school of decor. Load it up, baby!
I "frosted" the glass in the lantern for a soft glowing look, then added a string of Christmas lights. Go here for the details.

I still collect cobalt glass but I've slowed down and asked the fam to slow down also. But it's hard to resist that gorgeous color!  And yes, I collect the letter "A." I have over a dozen so far and I'm ready for more.

On the bottom shelf I added more blue glass and lots of vine balls and decor balls for texture. The silver blingy button decor ball is one of my favorite decor projects. Go here for the details....

I also made the glass marble decor ball out of a Dollar Store Christmas ball and half marbles. Yeah, there's a post on that, too.

Just a few short weeks ago the baker's rack looked like this....

.....loaded up with all the music themed, green and white decor for my sister's wedding. So who needs a fancy shmancy mantel? I've got these neat baker's rack to decorate and will be time for Mother's Day decor!

DIY Garden Art SUPER EASY Glass Garden Balls from Lamp Globes

I love to use decor balls in my garden! There, I said it. I love the shapes and colors of blue glass and get them into my yard anyway I can. Here are a few that I've made over the years using glass half marbles and E6000 glue and various round ball shapes. Here is a link to the instructions....

But not all glass garden decor has to be a "project." You can easily make some gorgeous garden art with just two things...spray paint and round glass light covers. Can you spot the blue glass ball in this photo? Of course you can, because not only is it bright blue, it is faceted to catch the light. LOVE this color!

Ooh ahhh!

It's a spray painted glass light cover! I paid less than $1 for it at the thrift store. Here's another one before it's been painted....

The texture reminds me of a sea urchin.

The color is "Lagoon." But the real trick is not in the brand of spray paint or the color, it is the fact that you spray the INSIDE of the glass globe. YUP, painting the inside of the glass makes the paint impervious to rain, ice and snow. Even the harsh summer sun has not dimmed these beautiful blue decorative orbs. Since the opening in the globe is always facing down, the weather cannot get in.

Who knew it could be that easy?

Now it looks like some exotic undersea creature.


Now these glass globes are always on my shopping list for yard sales, thrift store and even hardware store sales. Plus, I wonder how these would look painted orange for Halloween? Or red and silver for Christmas? My brain's in overdrive now!

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