Monday, August 3, 2020

Repaint That Door Mat!

Got an ugly old black door mat on your porch?
Remake it into something PRETTY with paint!

Here's how....


Here is our old black door mat. Not worn out by any means and certainly not pretty.

By the way, this is NOT my idea but when I saw it online I decided to repaint our mat right away. 

I used black spray paint first then two shades of blue Rustoleum for plastic for the basic color blocks.

Then I used regular craft acrylic paint to detail the black areas and clean up the colored curlicues.

Then sealed with clear acrylic spray and let it dry in the sunshine.
Oooh look!!

Only a couple of hours and it came out so pretty!

 I already had everything I needed for this project...door mat, spray paint, brushes, craft paint and sealer so it didn't cost me any $$$$

Aaaaand....I have three more door mats ready for painting!
I'll post those here on my blog as I do them.
Such a fast, fun, thrifty and neat project!

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