Monday, April 16, 2018

Making Memories...and Heirlooms. Wedding Fabric to Baby Easter Basket

My granddaughter's wedding back in 2014 was a wonderful BoHo theme 
and 90% handmade, starting with this 3 door backdrop 
and those huge gorgeous flowers. 
(I'll put links at the bottom for those projects.)

I also grew the flowers in the urns for this pretty display.

We made the navy blue table runners out of sheets then had a blast
 arranging all the decor items for the tables...

After the wedding I latched on to all the blue table runners. 
I knew I would be using all that fabric again, starting with this sweet project.

This year I made a liner for an Easter basket using that blue fabric.

It looks great with an arrangement of her wedding flowers!

But THIS is what the project is really about. A personalized Easter basket 
for their son, my great grandson, born in 2017. This year was his first Easter
 and the wedding fabric was perfect for this project.

Insanely Creative Christy, his grandma, made these iron on letters with her
 Silhouette vinyl cutter. It came out great!

We love the sweet memories that come with this project and 
look forward to making more heirlooms for this wonderful little boy
 with his parents wedding fabric.

So sweet! And the best thing is, I still have the blue fabric runners from the other 15 tables!

Here is the link for making the huge flowers....

...and for the three door backdrop....

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