Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY Pretty Lace Pumpkins

These are not your ordinary plain orange pumpkins. Nope. They are covered with black lace! Here's the simple DIY for these pretty gourds and they are also cheap to make. 

Win win!

Whenever I find black lace remnants or lace on sale, I grab it. I also get black lace clothing at yard sales and thrift stores and recycle it. This lace was $2 a yard at Walmart a while back and this project took less than half a yard left from a different project. 

This project couldn't be easier. Lay your contrast fabric over the black lace and cut out a long rectangle  about 8" wide by 20" long.  I cut out both layers at the same time.

Using the longest stitch and loose tension on your sewing machine, stitch the two pieces together at the top and bottom of the long sides. Turning the lace to the inside, sew the two short sides together. You now have a tube of material with long stitches at the top and bottom. You can also sew this by hand if a machine isn't handy.

Thread a long sewing needle with strong black thread, like quilting or crochet thread.  Gather one stitched side of your pumpkin and pull the stitches tight. Use the needle and thread to sew the gathered end tight and secure the gathering with a couple of good knots. 

Here's a neat tip....stuff these little pumpkins with a handful of crumpled up plastic shopping bags. Most of us have dozens of the things and they are perfect for a poufy filler for these pretty pumpkins.

Make sure your needle has a long piece of string and tie a big knot at the end. Stick it right through the middle of the gathers of your stuffed pumpkin and out the other side. Make a big loop around the pumpkin and draw it up til your pumpkin squishes down and poofs out. Draw it tight and tie it in a knot. Do this five or six times and adjust your big loop around each section of your pumpkin for a pleasingly plump effect.

Voila! Fat, lacy pumpkin!

Hot glue a stubby twig or even a cinnamon stick in the middle of the gathers and add silk leaves (these are from the Dollar Store). If you wish you can also give it a light touch of glittery spray for a bit more gleam.

I LOVE how these come out! And you can also make pumpkins with no lace just by using your choice of fabrics. I made the white pumpkin at the top left using muslin and twine. And of course, I stuffed it full with plastic shopping bags!

For a neat look, why not layer white lace over burlap for some rustic chic pumpkins? Or black lace over purple fabric, or mustard gold. How pretty that would be? Now I have to make some!

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