Sunday, July 15, 2018

DIY Twig Wreath

This pile of needlepoint ivy trimmings gave me the spark of an idea.

Why not make a twig wreath for my front porch?

Did you know you can still buy metal coat hangers?  
Yup! These "new" ones are plastic coated and still perfect for wire projects, 
like forming the base of my wreath.

I wrapped and tucked and wrapped and tucked all the way around.
 I didn't have to use the wire at all. After a few days
 drying time I retucked the loose ends.

 This ferny garland cost about $7 using a coupon at Michael's.
I also used a few Dollar Store bunches to fill it in.

Oooh aaaaah!

  Now comes the fun part; hanging it on the porch and taking photos! I LOVE the way it looks so real even compared to the ivy tower and other plants close by!

Well now, that was fun and easy and CHEAP.
Okay, thrifty and money saving.
Projects like this boost my mood immediately!

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