Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Easy Matching Storage Boxes with Book Pages

For the shelf above my desk I've been using a whole row of black wire baskets, which look good when they're empty but when they are full to overflowing they just look messy and unkempt. I didn't want to buy/waste money on new matching desk boxes. Hmmmm. The little cubby shelf I restyled with book pages and wrapping paper came out like this...

I love the way it looks now! Stylish and vintage at the same time! So I decided to make matching storage boxes for my shelf and here's how their new look...

I like how the Mod Podge medium actually darkens the edges of the pages, giving them a golden hue. And notice the red edge to the pages? Gotta love that. Here's what I did....

I picked out some good sturdy boxes in various sizes, including a round box that looked like an old ice cream carton. First I glued the pages on then finished with a layer of Mod Podge and matte spray sealer. Easy peasy and CHEAP too.

There is no set plan to this project, altho when my daughter, Insanely Creative Christy, decoupages with book pages she uses smaller, neater, well trimmed pieces applied in nice designs. Me? Not so much, lol!

I used a silver pencil to give the label frames a pewter looking finish then used chalkboard paint on the labels so I could change them up.

I'm still thinking about adding gold or copper brads to the labels to give them a vintage hardware look. But I like the way these boxes turned out and the cost was mere pennies.

Here they are on the shelf above my desk, and you can see how well they go with the little book page cubby shelf and even my burlap ruffled bulletin boards. So for a bit of effort and creativity but not alot of money, I'm getting a desk/office makeover that is making me very happy.

And if I'm happy at my desk I'll blog more, take more photos and be more creative, right? That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

I took this idea one step further and totally redid my craft room with book pages and assorted boxes. Let's hear a cheer for cheap, easy, stylish and pretty craft storage!

And THIS room makes me very happy! Win win!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Green on Green Tablescape...With Succulents and MORE

I've been dinking around today with green on green table decor, possibly for my sister's wedding. While she is deciding on all her details, I started gathering what I have to accent the green and cream colors she has chosen.

The succulent arrangements are from my Etsy shop, so that is a good start. And then I just kept FINDING things in shades of green and with lovely natural textures around my house. Since I am of the "more is more" design school, I had a blast arranging everything this way and that way. 

Come take a look and have fun with me!

 You might recognize the faux moss decor balls I blogged about here.

Everything is fair game when I'm putting things together...including driftwood, vine balls, Dollar Store moss rocks and pretty little thrift store urns. Love the vivid greens and wonderful textures!

I added green glassware which I use for display in our guest bath, including bright green ashtrays! Remember those heavy square ashtrays from way back when?

 Is that a vintage green Avon bubble bath bottle? I do believe it is!

Okay, okay, I'm done for the day. Did you see the very last green additions to this photo? How about the pretty green hair flowers I dropped in here and there? They are flippin' PERFECT for this arrangement, don't you agree?

Well, whatever my sis decides, this was fun to do and I've gotten a couple of neat design ideas, too. How about those pretty melty flowers sewn to the top of a pillow? That would be beautiful! And drill bigger holes in bigger driftwood for more succulent arrangements.....hmmm.

Now I'm going to sketch an idea I have for using my succulent wreath and some fern garlands for the cake table. I do believe it will be beautiful, but we shall see!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Make a 3 Dimensional Skeleton Key Design in Fabric

My name is Ann and I'm a pillow-holic.

I have a bit of a pillow obsession with over a dozen on two couches in my living room and half a dozen on my master bed. Then more on a little love set. And maybe a few more on those wing chairs... 
Plus, I make LOADS of shabby chic pillows from muslin and burlap for my shop, JangoJB on Etsy. Here are a few as photo props for a local photographer. So pretty!

I love the muted colors of the mixed fabrics and the wonderful textures of canvas, muslin and burlap, plus the pretty crocheted pieces. 

I recently discovered a way to add a three dimensional design to a pillow using an old technique called trapunto, which is Italian for "to embroider." This easy stitched and stuffed process makes wonderful stand out, dimensional designs and here's how I did it.

I chose this simplified skeleton key because I love their vintage look PLUS they seem to go with any decor style. Just check Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Pier One and West Elm. You'll see skeleton keys  everywhere!

I used muslin for this project since it's my favorite fabric for home decor. It's inexpensive, easy to work with, a nice neutral color and works up beautifully. For the front of your pillow cut two matching pieces of fabric in  a size that will fit your pillow form. Be sure to add a 1/2" seam allowance to each edge.

I use a blue ink quilting pen because the marks disappear when you spray the fabric with water. I outlined a simple skeleton key shape (this one is grunge board from Tim Holtz). You could also use a number 2 pencil but draw lightly, since the pencil marks will not wash out.

I simplified the detail within the key head to make it easier to stitch.

 Set your sewing machine stitch length to 3 or 2, since you want small stitches for this project. Sew around the shape and use your judgement, going slowly, turning each angle with the needle DOWN to make sharp corners. Feel free to simplify your design as you sew, this technique is very forgiving and looks better with a simple shape. For example, I eliminated the little bumps in the shaft when I stitched this key.

Sorry for the poor contrast in this pic, but if you look you can see I've stitched the outline of the key in matching thread with small stitches.

Next you will clip several small openings in the backside of the design thru ONE LAYER OF FABRIC ONLY. This will give you the openings for stuffing your shape. I used the blunt end of a crochet hook to get the small pieces of stuffing into all the small areas. You can also use a needle to "wheedle" the stuffing into place smoothly. Stuff your shape evenly until it is softly plump.

Here you can see the small slits in the backside of the fabric with the stuffing showing through. Once your stuffing is in place, hand sew each slit closed. Your stitches do not have to be pretty, just as long as they work. Do not draw too tightly or you will distort your stuffed shape.

If you used the disappearing ink quilting pen, spray your design with water to erase the ink. Once it is dry you can iron your pillow top around the stuffed shape. 

I finished my pillow with a simple envelope style back then put it on a prestuffed pillow form. This whole project took me about an hour to complete. Sweet and simple and I LOVE how this came out! The color and texture and 3D key are right in my design sweet spot. This cool skeleton key pillow is PERFECT for my bedroom. I'll call that a win win!

And now I have some other design a simple branch with leaves and a bird for springtime, Halloween bats, pumpkins or skulls...and how about 3D initials? Or a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day? And what about Thanksgiving and Christmas? I'm excited now to make them all. They'll be totally unique, I can guarantee it.

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