Saturday, November 8, 2014

Matching Storage Boxes with Book Pages

You don't have to spend lots of money to get pretty and practical craft room storage boxes. Just use the containers you already have and cover them with old book pages.

That's what I do!

I painted this tall ice cream carton with white craft paint to cover up the bright design. Once it was dry  I brushed Dollar Store school glue over each section and laid down pages torn from a throw away book. In this case, an old paperback. The older books have nice golden hued pages that look great overlapped like this.

I smoothed the pages down with the same stiff brush dipped in more school glue. Let it dry thoroughly.

Then you can seal the box with spray acrylic or a layer of Mod Podge in whatever sheen you choose. I especially like their gloss hard coat for finished projects.

I add chalkboard labels so I can list what's inside my boxes.

I use a mix of lots of different kinds of containers in my studio and also use loads of book pages, Dollar Store contact paper and Mod Podged tissue or gift wrap on my storage. Even plastic coffee containers look good with a bit of contact paper and a new label! I like how all the designs blend with my jars full of supplies.

Here are bankers boxes we used for our move which I have covered and prettied up for my craft room. Now I just need to add labels and fill them up!

Once you start recycling containers with book pages and other papers, you will save money and have a neat and practical way to store your stuff.

I call that a win win!

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