Sunday, February 17, 2019

Huge Paper Flowers in My Master Bedroom

We made this backdrop out of recycled doors and HUGE flowers made
 out of poster board for a family wedding.

Here's a link to the DIY for the flowers....

Afterwards we did not want to throw them away and we didn't want to sell them. 
So I put them up in my master bedroom for a nice display.

I have a cherry wood sleigh bed and they look perfect in there!

I made a whole bunch of pillows for bring the decor together. 

From top left is a sweater pillow, a suede smocked pillow, an oversize muslin smocked pillow, a crushed velvet smocked pillow, a ruffled muslin pillow, a smocked muslin pillow, another sweater pillow, a smocked burlap pillow and a round crocheted doily pillow. 

That's alot of pillows, but I love them!

It's been three years since the wedding and the newlyweds have an 18 month old baby. 
Their wedding flowers aren't going anywhere for now. 
I like them alot!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Tiny Nest HOME Sign

For this project I was looking for a neat little sign for our guest bathroom and I remembered these tiny wire nests.....

I've been making these nests for my rosette necklaces for a few years now. I love how they look with the sweet ribbon rosettes and beading. Making them isn't hard work since I enjoy them so much!

                        Here's a close up of the nest done in gold colored wire and the perfect 
                                                freshwater pearls shaped like eggs.

For this project I turned to my handy dandy pre cut letters. A pizza box is
 the perfect storage solution. 
I used letters in different fonts.....

I spray painted a frame from my stash gloss black, and also painted the mismatched letters. I tore card stock diagonally then inked and distressed the edges. I also grunged the corners and random areas for added texture.

A tiny nest of tarnished gold colored wire and three beads nestles at the bottom of the "O".

A wispy branch picked up from the yard adds a final touch.

I grunged the edges a bit more and also grunged around the branch to make it stand out a bit.

 I like it. I like it alot!

Insanely Creative Christy redid this little $1 thrift store cabinet with recycled
dictionary pages, paint and twine, and the cubby at the bottom is
perfect for this HOME sign. It is just the right spot!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Quick Lamp Restyle with Tissue and Mod Podge

I've had this little uplight forever and the shade had yellowed and had little cracks all over. 

Time for a restyle!!

I hit my stash for Mod Podge and some pretty turquoise tissue paper. 
I crinkled the tissue up and tore it into postage stamp size pieces.

After cleaning the light shade I covered the whole thing with the crumpled tissue, 
including a generous border folded over the top. At this point I was 
really jazzed because this looks like burnished STONE.

I sealed it with clear acrylic spray.

Even during the day it lends a pop of the blue color I love to it's place on my shelf.

Oooh aaaah!

I like it even better when it's lit up!

It's the perfect light for the shelf at the end of my 
hallway and it highlights my painting so nicely!

Sometimes a project just comes together so quickly and 
easily that it makes me laugh out loud. This was one of them.
Now I'm looking at the other lamp right over there......

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