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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Huge Paper Flowers in My Master Bedroom

We made this backdrop out of recycled doors and HUGE flowers made
 out of poster board for a family wedding.

Here's a link to the DIY for the flowers....

Afterwards we did not want to throw them away and we didn't want to sell them. 
So I put them up in my master bedroom for a nice display.

I have a cherry wood sleigh bed and they look perfect in there!

I made a whole bunch of pillows for bring the decor together. 

From top left is a sweater pillow, a suede smocked pillow, an oversize muslin smocked pillow, a crushed velvet smocked pillow, a ruffled muslin pillow, a smocked muslin pillow, another sweater pillow, a smocked burlap pillow and a round crocheted doily pillow. 

That's alot of pillows, but I love them!

It's been three years since the wedding and the newlyweds have an 18 month old baby. 
Their wedding flowers aren't going anywhere for now. 
I like them alot!

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