Saturday, August 14, 2021

Firewood Log Succulent Planter

I am always on the lookout for out of the ordinary planters and

 I hate to pay so much for plastic planters in my garden. 

 But look what I made for my succulents this year. 

The natural wood and the greens of the succulents are a perfect match, and it couldn't have been easier.

I made this out of a fire wood log from the building supply!

This stack of birch fire wood at the local Lowe's caught my eye and I bought two.

A few hours labor with a chisel, a hammer and even a hatchet gave me a log
with a planting hole in the middle.

I screwed a plastic plate to the bottom as a water catcher then filled the 
hole up with gravel on bottom and succulent planter mix on top.

Then I shopped my garden succulents for just the right mix of plants to put
in this rustic planter. It is NOT ordinary,
and I love it!

I added a few stones and gravel to the top then took about a thousand photos.

This project makes me smile and smile. 

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