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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chocolate brown and blue tote, yummy!

When I am working on a design for anything, I always get to the point where I've crashed my stash and trashed my craft room. I try different fabrics and trims, maybe a different color or print, then I compare buttons and beads, lace to ribbon and anything else that might look good with the combo I've got going. And here you see the mayhem has started to come together, and the trim for this tote pocket is starting to look oh so good.

I love the colorful chaos just before everything clicks, and this project is no exception. Everything I've strewn across the pocket will end up sewn to the pocket, PLUS MORE.

On this pocket I added a tiny satin ribbon rose made out of 1/4" wide ribbon which I twisted and sewed by hand because I am a crazy woman, and love hand cramps, lol. But it came out so cute and perfect for this project!

Pretty! I've even got a teeny tiny seashell on there, anchored with a blue bead. Love the brown satin rosettes against the homespun osnaburg.

I like it. I like it alot. And now to post it in my Etsy shop! But those pocket embellishments are giving me an idea for another project. Hmmm..........

So, I made this pretty little rosette statement necklace. It's not big and clunky like some I have seen, but smaller and bit more delicate and just packed with fun details!


Hello, gorgeous!!

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  1. I too love the colorful chaos - that photo is almost as fun as the finished project...

  2. Oh that is sooooo cute! I love the brown and blue together and all the different textures. So pretty. :)

  3. I like it, too! The color combo is so great. Putting things together you know will end up great is such a thrill! Great job!

  4. How pretty, I love the flower details on the pocket!


  5. Gorgeous colors in this tote and I love the necklace idea, too! Saw your post on your other blog so I am off to visit you there, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog! : )

  6. Love the tote and necklace! Great work.

  7. You had me hooked at the banner. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I'm adding yours to my list of must-reads!


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