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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lovin' the white in my red kitchen

After repainting the kitchen cabinets red and antiquing them to cover a multitude of sins, I've been very pleased with the bright color but I'm toning it down with the addition of lots of white ironstone in this end cabinet. I love the way the white just stands out against all the red. I've put just the few things that I have on there so far.....

I thinned my collection of tea pots WAY DOWN and only kept the pots that pleased me or were special gifts. I still have alot of teapots! But the big fat white one is my favorite, when the family is here we will use this big 6 cup pot for a nice brew. And then there's the dark brown crockery "Brown Betty" from England on the right on the top shelf, sent to me one Christmas by my sister. Love the Betty pots, they are classics!

Still have a ways to go arranging things and getting them just right. The blue double decker pot is from my youngest daughter, she of my framed looped potholder post fame!

I like the white ironstone alot. I like the red distressed shelving alot. But I can see a problem right now. I DON"T HAVE ENOUGH WHITE IRONSTONE! I shall have to remedy that forthwith by taking many trips to thrift stores and yard sales. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it and that lucky person is ME!

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  1. Beautiful pieces! The white is very striking against the red. I really like the big white teapot. Happy Rednesday!

  2. I think the shelving is just so pretty. The white and red look great together.:) Yes, go forth and purchase more white ironstone!!
    The Tattered Tassel

  3. The white really pops off of the red shelves. So pretty!

  4. Hi, your glass vases are just awesome!
    And I am passing onto you the versatile blogger award.


  5. Ann that looks so beautiful! It is really eye catching.

  6. Wow, that's amazing. I love the contrast too.

    come visit

  7. That makes me want to grab a can of red paint to my kitchen! Looks great!

  8. I love the big white teapot, teapots never come big enough for me!!

  9. Your kitchen reds are really great. I love red cabinets! The white really pops against them . Great idea!

  10. The fat teapot caught my eye right away!Your cabinet looks great!

  11. It all looks great together. Nice red shelves.

  12. Beautiful! I want to paint my kitchen cabinets but my husband, being a man, says NO, you don't paint oak cabinets! He's a typical man!

  13. Red and crisp white, what could be better.

  14. looks great! I love red and have lots of milk glass type dishes! I am following you now! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my wrapping station. You've got clever ideas! Lezlee

  15. Oh girl, I'm so loving your red kitchen too!

  16. The white against the red is stunning! I love the little bit of blue on the bottom shelf...very patriotic.

  17. The red shelf is stunning! It really makes your collection pop! I have strolled through your blog and really like how you framed the loop pot holders-ingenious!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my chairs!

  18. I was thinking of making gingham red and white for christmas. My kitchen is the opposite, my cabinets I painted white shabby chic.
    check out my blogs:



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