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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tassel mania

Last fall I made full length panels of muslin for our dining room windows. These are just to frame our view and to give the space a bit of style. I really like the way the muslin looks in the light and when I found a set of tassels at the Goodwill I thought they were just the finishing touch I wanted. You can see them in the pic above on the tie backs. Standard, cream colored tassels. Pretty. Here's a close up. Yeah, it's on there backwards but you get the idea.

And as time went on I kept looking at them and thinking I could dress them up or do something with them, but they are classic looking in a way, not a BIT like my house....so I just replaced them with something I came up with myself. Call me crazy, but I enjoy trying things out to see how they work. I started by stacking up and gluing some wood beads then painting them black...

And I coated them with plain old Elmer's school glue and let that dry til it was tacky.
Here's a hint-if you haven't tried the crackle technique using school glue and paint, YOU ARE PAYING TOO MUCH FOR CRACKLE MEDIUM! I have used this technique on fabric, paper, wood, cardboard, paper mache and plastic. It is a fantastic and cheap way to crackle your surface.

This pic is a bit fuzzy, but here is what it looks like when it starts to crack. You need a good basecoat and a layer of glue. I did not thin it at all for this project. If you thin the glue, the cracks will be much smaller and delicate and I do that for doll faces and small pieces.

Once the glue has dried to a tacky stage, paint it with your top coat which has been thinned just a bit to go on smoothly without dragging. For best results try to put each line of topcoat on with one long stroke or you will break the surface tension of the paint and glue and get an ugly gap instead of a consistent crack. If you must go back over a place you've missed, go lightly lightly with your brush and paint. Lightly. Delicately. See? Looks good.

I think an Elmer's Glue crackle technique tutorial post is in my future.

I crashed my stash and found lace, beads, ribbon, yarn and fabric and cut 16" lengths. I cut the fabric into 1/2" strips and trimmed the ends at an angle. Then I got to the fun part; putting it all together!

I layered about 2 dozen pieces of "flair" and tied them in the middle with a long piece of muslin. I used a long upholstery needle with a large eye to run the muslin up through the center of the wooden beads. I tacked hot glue at the junction of finial and tassel and again at the top where the loop came out of the finial. I added beading and lace and ribbon and bows to the finial and then some buttons and....okay, I'm done. Voila!

SO much more my style! I think they look a bit like gauzy, summery, designer dresses worn by frail, painfully beautiful European models but that's just me. And since I can't leave well enough alone I made some tassels for my Etsy shop. Now THOSE are a bit more elegant and poofy and French looking. I've got a healthy price tag on them too after I researched the active tassel sales on Etsy, but I may have to adjust that, what do you think?

Just a bit more flair and pouf to the skirt and a wonderful music theme finial and fabric. I like it. I like it alot!

The music notes fabric perfectly matches the vintage sheet music I decoupaged on the finial, which I've buffed with gold to match the fabric highlights. Such a pretty poofy thing!

Here's the Belle of the Ball coming in at 19" from the tip of her loop right down to her gorgeous bouffant skirt. My tassels make me smile! And, this may be familiar to many of you, my husband thinks I'm crazy every time I show him a new one.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. That looks so amazing! I love the classic colors!

  2. Please, please give us the tutorial on crackle painting with glue! I would love to know that trick. Your tassels are adorable!

  3. Ann, these are lovely! I especially love the music notes ribbon in there. That is soo pretty. I like them all "dressed up" :)

  4. Love the music themed ones!!

  5. Super fabuloso

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  6. OMGosh, lovvvve the tassels. Diane

  7. You are so creative!! I love the way your tassels turned out! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Just found you, and you are fabulously creative. I am now a follower.

  9. You Are Wonderfully Creative .


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