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Sunday, July 25, 2010

All A's for my birthday

I was going to call this "Straight A's for Mom!" but as you can see, they're more angled and curvy ;0)

In May my insanely creative daughter, Christy, posted her clever, chunky, handmade letters on her blog.

I totally loved the letters and the option of making my own for my projects and craft room. I put this on my big list of "Crafts To Do and Soon!" Doesn't everyone have a list like that? And I really planned to make some chunky letters that week. Truly. Ahem, really I did....


And then she posted a tutorial in June on making curved letters. So cool! Now I could make my own chunky curvy letters in different fonts and sizes for the neat idea I have for an "A" display in my craft room.

I was excited and planned to make some that very week.Then life happened and I got busy and distracted and....you know how this goes. But I totally wanted to make these....soon.


Okay, then it was July. Yeah, sometimes I slack with the best of them. Big plans, not alot of progress on the letters. Sigh. But I was busy doing other, important stuff. Okay.

So when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday, you know what I told her. Some "A" letters in different fonts for my craft room. And boy, did she deliver!!

Look what I got....three chunky letters in different fonts and even one she mod podged with book page scraps. Too cool!

I love the way they look! I have big plans for the other two, baby, big plans! And now I can put them together with the other "a" I have, a chunky ceramic letter I bought years ago that has survived a dozen moves.

Isn't there a saying that 3 of anything is a collection? Well, then, I am on my way. Thanks, Christy for the birthday letters! They are too cool for school, and so are you. Loves, Mom.

And here's a link to her main blog...http://christylovespaper.blogspot.com/

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  1. Hello, I have to say that I found your blog sometime back(pretty sure thru either miss mustard seed or funky junk)before I had a blog. I love your garden balls soooo much! I also saw your work on Etsy before I found your blog. (getting to the point, I promise) I have went back thru your all your posts and I have come to a conclusion. You may be the most talented person, ever. I am in awe of your talent and will definitely try to replicate some of your ideas(gotta try to do those gardern balls!!) Thanks for sharing your talent!

  2. I love all the letters!! What an awesome idea to personalize a gift.

  3. oOOOOOoooo I WANT!!

    I hung A's over my bed, but I need some more, I think so...I'm off to your daughter's blog. These are wonderful! Happy Birthday! Vicki A.

  4. I want some chunky letters! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comment!

  5. I love the A's what a nice daughter you have!

  6. "A"mazing!!! I can't wait to check out her blog...those letters are a definitly "TO DO!"
    I hope you'll stop by my First Pretty Packages Party and share some of your fabulous talent!
    Just pick up a button for an easy reminder!

  7. These are so cool. Thanks to the link to your daughter's site. I see some t's in my future; however, I have so many wannatry's that it may be waayyy in to the future! I just became a folower of your daughter's blog too! She has some great ideas.

  8. Those are 'a' dorable! Haha! Love the book page mod podge look!
    visiting from justsewsassy.com

  9. I love them!!! Gosh another thing to add to My to-do list, LOL. I started keeping track of links on my blog so I could find them when I have time (and so others could "add" to their to-do lits, LOL). I want to do some for my daughter's room. They would sure be cute.


  10. Your A's caught my attention from Sumo's Sweet Stuff. My daughters name is Alice and my two little nieces are names Angie and April. Their birthdays are all one month apart (April and Angie were born on the same day a year apart.....busy sister!) So we have a big TRIPLE A birthday party for them!! BUT now I am TOOO EXCITED! Your daughters blog is loading in the next tab! I can't wait to learn how to make these!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

    p.s. I am your newest follower!

  11. Thanks for you sweet comment. I will definitely be building some A's! :)

  12. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  13. I'm also big into having my initials around- glad I'm not alone! What a great collection; can't wait to see what you do with them all!

  14. I really love these letters!!! I'm trying to figure out how to do a P without it falling over. If you or your brilliant daughter have any ideas, let me know. :)

    Thanks for linking to Transform Tuesday...I've missed you both.

  15. Sarah, how about trying a font where the P has a "serif" on the bottom like this one...P. Then you could put a bit of weight in the bottom part, maybe a hot glued rock or even a baggie of sand or gravel. Maybe it would work with just the extra weight? Good question, gotta figure it out!

  16. I love this idea! I am thinking of buying a bunch of "T's" for my daughters room - your's are so cute!

  17. Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  18. What a cool present! I'm going to go check out the tutorial~thanks!

  19. Very nice! I need to collect more P's! I like it. Thank you for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesdays!

  20. How fun! I'm on my way to your daughters blog to learn more!
    Thanks for sharing at Socialize with me Monday til Sunday!:)
    And happy late birthday!

  21. Oh! Very fun! I love the different fonts...so cool!

    Thanks for linking up!

  22. Wow!! You've scored. I've seen those tutorials - I've stayed away from doing them so far.


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