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Monday, August 23, 2010

Craft Fail to Craft Save

I love this blue painted display stand NOW but it sure didn't start out looking this way!

I put  the candlestick and plate together with E6000 and spray painted the whole shebang with Krylon spray paint in  Blue Ocean Breeze.  I am in love with the color and it gave this simple piece a gorgeous look. It was beeyootiful, trust me on this.

So, and you know there is more to this story; before I took some final pics I sprayed it with clear acrylic sealer to give it a nice protective finish. A clear sealer containing acetone and tuolene. Do you know what those two caustic chemicals do to wonderful, smooth, Ocean Blue painted glass? Aargh! It bubbled and blistered and looked terrible.

I'll spare you the gruesome details and the pics. My beautiful creation suddenly developed a case of severe blue leprosy. My heart fell. Did I cuss? Yes. My kids and The Welding Man say I'm an amateur when it comes to cursing, but hey, it works for me. Back when they were little I used to say "dirty rat fink." Yeah, they still get the giggles over that.

But I digress...on to the rescue!

So I figured it can't look worse and I resorted to my old standby aging technique, crumpled tissue paper and Mod Podge. Don't look at my painting station, it's a wreck. But you can see here that the "save" potential for this project wasn't looking good. Pieces of torn and crumpled tissue cover the top half in this pic. 

Moving on.

Okay, first coat of turquoise acrylic paint. I'm feeling hopeful here.

And a layer of burnt umber glaze. Okay, I can work with this. Feeling a tiny bit better.

And the base, where the leprosy was the worst. This technique adds so much texture and the glazing emphasizes it, so I'm going to call it good, even tho I remember that first, gorgeous smooth painted finish with a sigh. But hey, I really like how this is turning out!

I figured it would look great with the shelf I made from a drawer, and I have to admit, they seem very harmonious together. So, still calling this a save!

And with the various coastal elements this project looks pretty good! However, with my usual tendency to nit pick the details, the base is a slightly different shade from the plate. I'll be fixing that soon. At least this time I was able to salvage the project. Other times I've not been so lucky/clever! But we won't talk about that right now.

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  1. love your save! my fails are usually 'saved' for the trash can!

  2. I laughed out loud at your cussing. It could have been worse. I think it was a great save and there is definite harmony with the shelf:)

  3. Great save! I think it looks quite harmonious with the shelf and coastal elements.

  4. Fails make one feel lousy. I am glad you were able to save it!!

  5. Happy to have found you today over at the Project Parade on DIY Showoff! I absolutely love the blues in your blog header! And the blues of this wonderful project as well :)

    I've never tried Mod Podge before - but now I am inspired to try it! Thanks for sharing...

    :D Lynda

  6. It was not a failure, it was a learning experience. Or a memory lesson. You really KNEW deep down the corrosive effects but didn't remember them without a visual reminder. I bet it will be a while before you forget again.

  7. That is so pretty! I just love the blue!

  8. Beautiful! And now ya know what happens with spray sealer...lol. Your drawer turned shelf is so wonderful, too. I will stop in again!

    Hugs ~ Angie

  9. Who are you kidding? You couldn't fail if you tried. It turned out quite lovely and unlike anything I've seen.

  10. oh thank goodness, project saved. I too have some projects that, well let's just say they were a little off from what I imagined them in my little head.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, craft on.

  11. It turned out pretty. I would have loved to have seen the blue leprosy, tho. :) I have FAILS every day I attempt a project. LOL
    Visiting via Remodelaholics Friday party.

  12. I think it turned out very cute. I love the base! Sometimes, mistakes make things that much better.

    I'm having a link party and Target giveaway on my blog. I'd love it if you joined up! Have a wonderful day. alittleknickknack.blogspot.com

  13. I have had the same thing happen to me with spray sealer! I watched it crackle the paint right before my very eyes! And I don't mean crackle in a good way! So I feel your pain! Great "save"! Love,love, love the color!!

  14. How pretty!

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  15. Great save! Looks cute, love the color too.

  16. bummer! but it still looks great!

  17. It turned out nice, but I know what you mean. Just because it turns out well in the end doesn't mean it's what we were hoping or going for! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!


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