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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The favorite hangout room.

I just had to post this for the Bright, Bold and Beautiful linky party. There are some gorgeous rooms on there! Here's a shot of the favorite hangout room in our house....

Since we live in an old mobile home, I've used the colors that I love to draw the eye. The 9' long chocolate brown couch has been slipcovered about half a dozen times in the last 20 years and it is easily everyone's favorite most comfortable piece of furniture. I painted the all the red art myself when I couldn't find affordable paintings that spoke to me. The old coffee table is another of my painted projects with a colorful abstract design on top that goes with the paintings' themes. A coat of walnut Polyshades aged it perfectly for the vintage look I love. The basket in the corner next to the leopard print rocking chair is chock full of yarn, since this corner of the living room is Crochet Central for my daughter, Insanely Creative Christy, and I. This is also the favorite spot for my daughters, Doggie Loving Katy and No Nonsense Mom Kelly. As for my son, Smart Funny Guy Gabe, the whole couch is his favorite place. This Flexsteel couch is so comfortable for napping it ought to be outlawed!

Here is the view from Crochet Central looking at the massive TV/stereo cabinet that's also been around for decades. The pic is a bit dark but to describe for you...I painted the scene of autumn trees to cover all the wiring and gadgets on the bottom shelves. Blue curtains cool down all the red in the room and also link to the blue field in the flag on top of the cabinet. I put black skeleton key cutouts on two of the red storage baskets for a bit of interest, and then there's my ladder shelf rack with all it's baskets. Love it!

We are a book crazy family with piles, scads, loads of books on every flat surface. I do believe we are one of the only households we know that owns more books than movies! As you can see, The Welding Man wears many hats. The kids make sure he always has new ones for any occasion. I've added autumn garlands accented with cut out book page leaves and right next to the juke box radio is a tobacco tin in it's place of honor. Yes, folks, we have Prince Albert in a can!

And here is the other most favoritest place to sit and read in the livingroom. It is the granny rocker I slip covered with vintage fabric from my aunt, placed right up close to the wood stove with a sloppy stack of piled books on the shelves close at hand. I crocheted the afghan using a large shell pattern and there is no better place to be when the rain is falling and its cool and grey outside.

So what's the favorite hangout room in your house? Link it up when you go check out this fun party and see some really pretty and inviting rooms!



  1. Your art is wonderful. You have such a gift and a love of red, too. I do not do red. I just can't get it to look right.
    I have lived in smaller mobile homes- the one before this one was 12x50 and it was so hard to arrange things and have places for storage.
    Looks like you have done that so well and leave room for pretties.
    We have a manufactured single wide now with a bigger living room, but it's still butt to butt furniture.
    I have to decorate on a budget and never turn down anything free!
    I love the bathroom cabinet you all did! For $1- you can't beat that. You ought to wall paper your living room wall with old pages! Your red artwork would look fantastic against it!
    I also love you plastic platter sign! Who knew you could paint plastic like that?
    Awesome ideas in here!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Love the wall with all of your art work, you are indeed talented:) Love the colors, fall colors! Passionate too!

  3. I love the warm colors in your room! Your pictures are so pretty! We have more books than movies too. By far! We have around 5 movies and over 1,000 books I believe.

  4. Its so nice to see bright and beautiful! I'm rather tired of seeing the beige and neutral that's touted on tv all the time. Your room full of color and love, and your artwork are wonderful. And thank you for the link, I can't wait to look at the other colorful rooms.

  5. Wow, those paintings are gorgeous! You painted those!?! I love your bright room. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my PHabulous sign ;) You are so sweet! Thank you so much! And I love your idea for stripes :) It's much nicer to laugh than to cry during sad times so I really loved your comment. You made me smile.

  6. Those bright colourful paintings you did are just perfect to add a nice splash of colour. What a warm, comfortable room you have created.


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