Saturday, November 6, 2010

Off center Thanksgiving Twig Wreath

You know me, I don't like to spend money but I do like to decorate for the seasons, and this Thanksgiving season between Halloween and Christmas deserves a bit of bling, doesn't it? So Insanely Creative Christy and I shopped the house and came up with this bit of off center wreath decor for the inside of our multi pane door. The off center design really worked for us this time, tho usually I am totally OCD about symmetry, trust me on this.

The big 22" twiggy wreath is usually outside behind my clematis vine for a bit of summery goodness. We brought it inside and added this.... of my dollar store garlands with lots of book page leaves wired willy nilly all over it's length.....
...and a red glittery skeleton key. And some flowers from the various arrangements around the living room....
Off centered with a corn husk wreath I've had floating around for years....and a wooden pumpkin decoupaged with orange tissue and paper leaves.

Ooh, ahh! One off center Thanksgiving Autumn wreath made for next to nothing and it looks fantastic (we think!)

So what have you put up for this in between season? Very very quickly all the Christmas decor will come crashing in on a big wave, can't wait to see it all!

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  1. What a happy fall wreath and I love shopping at home. Reinventing is one of my favorite past times. You do awesome work together!
    Happy weekend!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Great wreath Ann! And sometimes it's good to be a little off, lol!

  3. Fantastic wreath! I took my Halloween decorations down today and brought out my cornucopia, turkey, and pilgrims. I'm not doing much for Thanksgiving because, as you said, the Christmas decorations will be up in a couple of weeks.

    Hope you are having a fun weekend! La

  4. Great wreath! I love that it is asymmetrical. Shopping the house is the best!

  5. Nice! Good for you on going for the colour! The garland on the curtains is way too much fun!


  6. I love the wreath! Brilliant idea and excellently executed.

  7. Love the leaves made out of book pages! Great idea!

  8. I am partial to leaves they are so fall.L ove how you made it differently off center


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