Friday, November 19, 2010

Thar she blows! My hair, that is.

My hair came out in clumps and handfuls yesterday. Awesome. The doctors, nurses and oncologists have been telling me to expect this for a couple of months and boy howdy, here it is. And so, I'll deal as usual and make the best of things. Here's a lame bathroom mirror shot from last Christmas a year ago.

Thin hair but lots of it.

Sort of a modified version of my high school flip.

Pinned up in back most of the time since hair in my face annoys me. Little did I know....

Short crop after first chemo thanks to my clever daughter. This length was doable and spikable and kinda sassy. I thought I'd sneak up on the bald thing by going shorter every couple of weeks.

But my hair brush tells a different story. Wow, it came out fast once it started to go. So scarves and ballcaps and crocheted beanies to the rescue. But hey, I've discovered a newfound love for dangly, pretty earrings. Yes, Insanely Creative Christy is making them for me ; 0 ) Even futzing around here at home I'll wear them cuz I like that little spark of pretty when I look in the mirror.

I knew I wouldn't be blogging about my breast cancer woes, but in keeping with my whole outlook you'll see entries like making the best of the situation, hopefully with grace and humor. And you know, the more I try to keep my chin up, the better I feel, even with heavy duty chemo and meds and multiple testing and the various aches and pains. So, a good attitude is working for me, looks like I'll keep it up!

Thanks ladies for all your wonderful wishes. Bless you!


  1. Oh my gosh -- you are SO PRETTY! I never knew what you looked like, and here you show up during chemo looking gorgeous! I'm so happy to see you smiling. I know things haven't been as easy as your smile leads on, but you have such a positive attitude. What a wonderful example you are, even though that's not what this post is about! I'm just happy you posted because I've been wondering about you. As I said before you are going through this at the exact same time as my mom. Mom had to get her hair shaved today because it was coming out everywhere. It was not the easiest thing, but I was so proud of her, just as I am of you. You give that wonderful daughter a big hug for me, and tell HER to give YOU a big hug from me. I hope you family has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. I so admire you, I'd like you to know! You rock the dangling earrings!

  3. You're last picture is beautiful! I am praying for you. Keep your good attitude and that great smile!


  4. You are just the prettiest little thing ever and look at that smile! The hair will come back, but did they tell you it could be a different color? You could be a blonde by spring!
    My mother in law never, ever cut her hair, and when it fell out, oh my! Her hair was down past her butt. My husband went and bought her a very good curly haired brown wig that came down just past her shoulders. She loved it! Her religion forbid her to cut her hair and she always wore it in a bun.
    You know you could do what balding guys do. Grab a can of spray paint and spray away! LOL
    You're going to save a fortune in shampoo and at least it's colder out and no one will even notice a thing about you wearing hats.
    Keep smiling, keep fighting and keep that attitude and I'll keep praying and checking in on you.
    Hope you're not sick with this.
    Hugs to you and your dangly ear rings! Tete

  5. I remember well the day mine started falling out so I know how you feel. I did have a wig but used a baseball cap the most. It was not long after the last treatment before I could feel stubble!
    My prayers are with you keep up your positive attitude!

  6. You look beautiful Ann:) And I love your attitude!

  7. Love the positive attitude! I was only 5 when I lost mine, but I vividly remember waking up to clumps on my pillow. At the time, it was curly and strawberry blonde...but it came back medium brown and pin straight! Crazy huh?

    You are in my thoughts and prayers, keep up your beautiful, strong attitude and you will show this cancer who's the boss!

    (Sorry about the deleted comment, I was signed into hubby's account!)

  8. You are an inspiration. Your positive attitude will see you through this trying time. La

  9. Oh, You are gorgeous, and I love your wonderful postive attitude....I am a 6 yr breast cancer survivor, i remember the days the hair started to come out also, and i did the same thing, went shorter, shorter then my husband(then boyfriend), took the clippers and shaved it for me, It felt weird but good at the same time....I enjoyed the hats and scarves I wore and kept up a postive attitude also, it helped having faith in God also...

    I wish the best for you and will continure reading and keeping up with you....every once in a while just show us another picture of that beautiful face...and keep smiling...
    prayers and hugs

  10. Ann...You absolutely look beautiful! You'll be rockin' the beanies and scarves for sure... oooo and lovin' the pretty dangling earrings... you go girl!!

    Totally admire your spirit and attitude! Hang in there... hair will grow back! :)


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  12. You are SOOOO gorgeous. And you know what? I LOVE "little spark of pretty!"

  13. You look absolutely beautiful. If you'd like one of my embellished bandanas that I make....please email me at

  14. Beautiful! Inside and out! Outlook is everything and I wish you the best! Smile!

  15. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a kind word. I love your blog and admire your spirit! Keep smiling and creating beautiful things!

  16. Gorgeous, you ROCK the earrings! Say hello to Portland for me, I so very miss it:)

  17. Ann, look at that wonderful smile on you! I had no idea you were going through cancer. I'm just so impressed with your attitude and willingness to share with the rest of us. I just loved seeing your lovely face and reading your story. I hope you know I am now thinking of your and praying for you out always. Best wishes....!

  18. You're such an inspiration ..... we all could lok at the world a little different.. love the ball cap and now you can wear a Santa hat and be in style.. Merry Christmas to you and yours

  19. I'm ashamed to say I missed the post about your diagnosis. If you need a shoulder or a place to ramble, I've survived it twice, the last time 5 years ago. *Big hugs*

  20. I am so far behind on my blog reading and I was scrolling through your blog in via google reader and I saw the hair post. Let me say my hair is getting thinner every year and it stresses me out. As I got further into your post I realized that your hair loss was due to chemo and it made me feel a bit small.So then I scrolled back further because I knew you must have done a post about your diagnosis. What a well written but I am sure difficult post that was. Your attitude is amazing. You know it is okay to get angry though sometimes too. Right? Being a cheerleader 24/7 takes a lot of energy. I do think your positive outlook is so beneficial, though, to your recovery. There are so many happy endings anymore when it comes to breast cancer and with all of those things you mentioned in your plus column I know you are going to be fine. There are definitely better days ahead. As I was looking at the comment box I noticed that Sunny from Life in Rehab is also a cancer survivor. I correspond with her frequently and this is something I never knew about her. It will change you forever I am sure but like Sunny it will someday be just a side note to who you are too. Wishing you the very best recovery.


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